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G:loot Cup

Week One Qualifier #1

24 Juli 2017 - 26 Juli 2017
Online, European Union


How do I sign up and check in for the tournament?

1. Create a team and apply with your roster
2. Be on Discord at check-in time (#Fragbite @ Discord.gg)


3. Team captain will check-in through the website (a green button will appear in the menu)
4. Once the bracket is out, find your opponents in the Discord chatroom.

· How to register if you are not from Sweden.
· How to download & use EAC.
· How to rent a server.

Roster changes
· A team may only swap two (2) players during the qualifier.
· A player may only play in one team during each qualifier.
· Players who have played in previous qualifiers may participate if they have lost.
· Players who have qualified for the finals may not participate in more qualifiers.

General rules:
· It's required to take a printscreen of the scoreboard with the end result of the match and send it to and admin on discord when reporting the score.
· It's required to fill in the Publiclir.se Username and the correct Steam ID on all players that will be participating in the team when signing up for the tournament.
· EAC from Publiclir.se.
· One coach per team is allowed using the coach function on the servers.
· Players with a CS:GO VAC ban from 2016 or 2017 are not allowed to participate.
· Players with cheat bans from previous Fragbite tournaments are not allowed to participate within two years from when the ban was issued.
· Knife to decide starting side.
· Team A is responsible for the server renting on Publiclir.
· Veto to decide map, the team lowest in the bracket (so called team B) starts the Veto process.
· It is okay to ask for WO 15 minutes after the bracket has been generated.
· Overtime - Maxrounds 3 with mp_startmoney 10000
· Pause is only allowed during freezetime.
· Maximum of one 5 minute pause during each map per team.
· If the server crashes before the 4th round the map is restarted, example 2-1 in score.
· If the server crashes after the 4th round you restart at the current score with mp_startmoney 6000, example 2-2 in score.

· You have to record in-eye. The demo most be recorded with the built-in record function writing record in the console in CS:GO, ending up as a .dem file. If you do not, you may be disqualified.
· You can ask for demos from 2 players in the enemy team. You need to notify an admin before you request demos from the enemy team.
· You have 5 minutes after the match have ended to contact an admin and request for demos.
· You have 15 minutes after being notified to upload your demo. If your internet connection is slow, notify an admin before the 15 minutes has passed.

· In order to participate you must use EAC from Publiclir.se so remeber to make sure that EAC works BEFORE the tournament starts.



24th of July - Qualifier Day
18:00 – Check-in begins
18:50 – Registration closes / Check-in ends
19:00 – Bracket will be released
· Round of 128 (BO1)
· Round of 64 (BO1)
· Round of 32 (BO1)

26th of July - Playoffs Day 1
19:00 – Tournament start
· Round of 16 (BO1)
· Quarterfinals 1-4 (BO1)
· Semifinals 1-2 (BO1)

(Two team qualify to Playoffs Day 2)

27th of July - Playoffs Day 2
18.00 - Final - Qualifier #1 (BO3) - (Broadcasted)
18.00 - Final - Qualifier #2 (BO3) - (Broadcasted)
21.00 - Grand Final - Winners of Qualifier #1 & #2 (BO3) - (Broadcasted)

BO1 Veto:
Team B removes one of the 7 maps;
Team A removes one of the 6 remaining maps;
Team B removes one of the 5 remaining maps;
Team A removes one of the 4 remaining maps;
Team B removes one of the 3 remaining maps;
Team A picks one of the two remaining maps.

BO3 Veto
Team B removes one of the 7 maps;
Team A removes one of the 6 remaining maps;
Team B pick one of the 5 remaining maps;
Team A pick one of the 4 remaining maps;
Team B ban one of the remaining 3;
Team A ban one of the remaining 2;
The remaining map is played as the third map if needed.

Map pool:
· de_nuke
· de_inferno
· de_cobblestone
· de_train
· de_mirage
· de_cache
· de_overpass

Upcoming matches

Played matches

Group-stage - Bracket for 128 teams (7 rounds)

Round 1 (RO128)

Round 2 (RO64)

Round 3 (RO32)

Round 4 (RO16)

Round 5 (Quarter finals)

Round 6 (Semi finals)

Round 7 (Finals)

Registrera dig

Du håller på att anmäla ett lag till Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-turneringen G:loot Cup - Week One Qualifier #1. Turneringen startar 2017-07-24 19:00.

You're about to sign a team up for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament G:loot Cup - Week One Qualifier #1. The tournament begins 2017-07-24 19:00.

In order to get your prize money from the tournament you need to sign-up with your Publiclir.se username & SteamID

Du måste vara inloggad för att anmäla dig till den här turneringen.

You need to login to sign up for this tournament.

Thank you, you have successfully signed up for G:loot Cup - Week One Qualifier #1! This does not mean that you have been accepted to the tournament yet. Mandatory check in starts at 2017-07-24 18:00. Good luck!

Pending teams (26)

  • Clean Sweep
    Hoops, Helleka, Mindless, Qwiq, Andro
  • Lanbros
    Brasken, s1mpa, ML, Ludhes, toby1
  • Team Reliable
    Ros3n ♥, MILKO, d1esel, dr1skone, Vibes
    beks, ile, jufis, zeiei, jamppi
  • Tori
    NiNLeX, hoodyy, Chipo, Gas, Jebuuh
  • Team Ankorna
    DanPer, pajas, zep, shina, tobajas
  • O.BROR
    Joel Flakberg, Felix Kuhlin, Adam Johansson, Oliver Alenfors, Axel Malmberg
  • Fractals
    blaq, rqmmq, Hurricane, BOMBFACTORY, dan
  • MettShieldsWithKevlar
    Phoenix963, S3raphim, Jenks , Schnopper, Smoerre
  • iRubbx
    Flipzzy, Buxsl, JunO1, paskalo4, Murka
  • Spångamacka
    SLITZ, Aquell, oxen-, WessE, Masten
  • Skrambit
    Cabenstone, Hyph, IamNotASpoon, Jaldokin, Rayzer
  • Fact Revolution
    jolietoG, envi, Marcelious, meth0d, Pham
  • O.BROR
    Felix Kuhlin, Joel Flakberg, Adam Johansson, Axel Malmberg, Oliver Alenfors
  • MicroDefault
    Floma, Stru, NiVAC, Notox, Svayp
  • DuststarGG
    FrAgI, zene, domander , Kleion, F.A-
    vidduonni, jarone, RMELOW, wTy, jöpsykkä
  • Forcebuy
    netrick, doktizh, larsenn, tabac0, sickmf
  • Angry Raccoons
    Schumi<3, R0bby, Pegasus, Sinpix, FM
  • FlyingDodo
    currrro, Bengelchen, Lowrenz, Berthelman, Snoopy
    DeepLearning, Nocturnal, zstar, dashi, myr11
    Xivi, devsk89, flameZ, bennybk, lukey
  • Defs.Black
    Jadzz, 2EZZZZZZ, kybeon, S!ck, GUGZ-
  • MeanGirls
    Tillman, Ebola420, Vore, Enozhd, hampusmodin
  • Aqua eSports
    奥斯卡, DeVo, Dgl, ev0x, Jazy
  • NadeSave
    Orageux101, JosephTC, KebabWolf, eliteaddzz, Huzzy

Accepted teams (75)

  • CounterPoint
    smurfeNn (STEAM_0:1:48386844)
    Thefqzo (STEAM_0:1:60369850)
    Jsson (STEAM_0:0:19190083)
    ipixz (STEAM_0:1:31727785)
    Sample (STEAM_0:0:27631292)
  • DraySWE
    Marre (STEAM_0:1:54462604)
    Tallrot (STEAM_0:0:13776919)
    Rip (STEAM_0:0:44393587)
    Ryrre (STEAM_0:0:121244024)
    Gabbe (STEAM_0:0:49032194)
    ARHI (STEAM_0:1:38750532)
    jekson (STEAM_0:0:73155234)
    bvinitsky (STEAM_0:0:77114247)
    belk (STEAM_0:1:52873763)
    merk (STEAM_0:0:33348107)
  • eSuba
    BLUEE (STEAM_1:1:1899250)
    KAPARZO (STEAM_1:1:3271168)
    fredi (STEAM_1:1:22665513)
    oKKo (STEAM_1:0:31579347)
    HenkkyG (STEAM_1:0:5337140)
  • Alza.eXtatus
    queztone (STEAM_1:0:3610619)
    FROZEN (STEAM_1:0:54078517)
    ZEDKO (STEAM_1:1:86949477)
    DEV7L (STEAM_1:0:78693899)
    MonttY (STEAM_1:0:19857385)
    fLAKY (STEAM_0:1:10032674)
    regg1e (STEAM_0:1:38839037)
    Undercover (STEAM_0:0:21049372)
    TwistD (STEAM_0:0:34937192)
    centronz (STEAM_0:0:89268452)
  • GameplayDNA
    Carcass (STEAM_0:0:41999142)
    Aikas (STEAM_0:1:27176892)
    Haflex (STEAM_0:1:86941301)
    Butters (STEAM_0:0:37858770)
    Delection (STEAM_0:0:9676101)
  • Conquer Gaming
    INSES (STEAM_0:0:48127227)
    heku (STEAM_0:1:13343020)
    wils0n (STEAM_1:1:19820084)
    pietola123 (STEAM_0:1:39098993)
    McDuckk (STEAM_0:0:41634417)
  • Jox Gaming
    LILIGAN (STEAM_0:1:119056712)
    Saffaro (STEAM_0:1:59535450)
    Hardcore (STEAM_0:0:24677038)
    Sqizy (STEAM_0:0:131271552)
    Andrzejuss (STEAM_0:0:105307163)
  • RizeGaming.pro
    eptic (STEAM_0:1:27293442)
    ayes (STEAM_0:0:31292561)
    punch (STEAM_0:1:31614253)
    dezon (STEAM_0:0:17578293)
    wackie (STEAM_0:1:17382063)
  • R3aLiZ3
    nevinS (STEAM_0:1:171123373)
    rabk0 (STEAM_0:0:137119944)
    gODWELL (STEAM_0:0:101021975)
    My Name Iz Demek (STEAM_0:1:170663749)
    Stefan (STEAM_0:0:149223171)
  • 5Aces eSport
    lenz (STEAM_0:0:11586007 )
    SamVan (steam_0:0:145214947)
    wndr (STEAM_0:1:20700034)
    Sickta (STEAM_0:0:28673324)
    fRONTZ (steam_0:0:25444178)
  • BingBong
    Piyar15 (steam_0:1:41543805)
    Cashu (STEAM_0:0:52701445)
    OneTap (steam_0:1:76234921)
    prehix (STEAM_0:1:51810518)
    Dizzley (STEAM_0:0:81119551)
  • Squared Esports
    juricM (STEAM_1:1:29041697 )
    SHEV (STEAM_1:20714352)
    Dav (STEAM_1:1:21943541)
    JordaN (STEAM_1:1:21062564)
    HOLMS (STEAM_1:1:24729123)
  • Ekipa Ptycha
    s1n (STEAM_0:0:14863816)
    telek1ng (STEAM_0:1:126105730)
    Czapel (STEAM_0:1:113790133)
    Kyrtaposs (STEAM_0:0:144087219)
    xYog (STEAM_0:0:142950174)
  • Mu$t
    qvick (STEAM_0:0:89271906)
    Twinkey (STEAM_0:1:27152031)
    zen (STEAM_0:1:64310733)
    wcky (STEAM_0:1:17954745)
    dalito (steam_1:0:89343437)
  • Aqua eSports
    Kostek (STEAM_0:0:119573489)
    奥斯卡 (STEAM_0:0:188497105)
    PAT (STEAM_0:1:114526452)
    Dgl (STEAM_0:0:139050566)
    Devo (STEAM_0:1:119925110)
  • DeAgLe_BoYz
    Lib` (1:0:1572421 )
    NaZeR ( 1:1:3962976)
    WKN (1:0:18993642)
    Breakah (1:1:6245165 )
    mcv / sony (1:1:3414507 / 1:1:8781451 )
  • WP
    dragonzlayer (STEAM_0:0:81828518)
    Cyph (STEAM_1:0:48642622)
    Matty (STEAM_1:0:53610254)
    Othiss (STEAM_0:1:19622606)
    VICKEE (STEAM_1:0:25973508)
  • ImproGaming
    Rezzi (STEAM_0:1:62360094)
    Brittah (STEAM_0:1:95138963)
    Kenta (STEAM_0:1:3966302)
    Xitars (STEAM_1:0:84671987)
    Chicano (STEAM_0:1:81773225)
  • El Fish
    reazon- (STEAM_0:0:50495167)
    Flojoman (STEAM_0:0:49133010)
    Redy (STEAM_0:0:46142728)
    Dippy (STEAM_0:1:15846669)
    PaniK (STEAM_0:1:65386650)
  • hehe xD
    mokeN (STEAM_1:0:20279587)
    ZINKEN (STEAM_1:0:17462944)
    s1ck (STEAM_1:0:7555882)
    Jayzwalking (STEAM_0:0:87865795)
    Kevzy (STEAM_1:0:26432719)
  • Team Excillium
    senseyy (STEAM_0:0:10833245)
    Hub- (STEAM_0:0:91346651)
    Amdal ( STEAM_0:0:36477869)
    freshpro (STEAM_0:0:27457579)
    Gerg (STEAM_0:1:6148630)
  • myRevenge e.V.
    Aaron (STEAM_0:1:47970140)
    bzt (STEAM_0:1:110149436)
    NOFEAR (STEAM_0:1:14841467)
    FIFI (STEAM_0:0:64273198)
    vini25 (STEAM_0:0:46863600)
  • VGIT
    Pyt0n (STEAM_1:1:106353624)
    Zerkan (STEAM_1:1:1265426)
    Zpith (STEAM_0:1:20915751)
    Norda (STEAM_1:0:696749)
    PhippeS (STEAM_1:1:11006480)
  • rekted
    vicious (STEAM_0:0:92986499)
    k0mplex (STEAM_0:1:96889801)
    freddyyw (STEAM_0:0:20838505)
    pewpew (STEAM_0:1:15577680)
    goffeee (STEAM_0:1:18540805)
  • Chefjimmy
    taco (STEAM_1:1:15266141)
  • ~^bAcKsTaBBeRz^~
    gAmErCaRL (1:0:14698475)
    Koreantobbe (1:1:129346901)
    braskenator (1:1:14196241)
    boyaka (1:0:1564267)
    palikamma (1:0:9413654)
  • Game:In IRL
    namkelli (STEAM_1:0:20081768)
  • Mufflon E-Sports
    vinzy (STEAM_0:0:28802442)
    braaxen (STEAM_0:0:158706576)
    aserz (STEAM_0:1:22263140)
    lawless (STEAM_0:1:60564)
    eddah (STEAM_0:0:2640017)
  • Ethion
    tebex (steam_0:0:54149522)
    vladcalin (steam_0:1:43083453)
    ciosake (steam_1:1:43177595)
    NorTo (steam_0:0:89288188)
    againnnn (steam_0:1:99321375)
    WHSADDEE (STEAM_0:1:38422356)
    DEFINE (steam_1:1:34024211)
    ATARSSON (STEAM_0:1:29814034)
    RUSSEL (STEAM_0:1:88736750)
    MNM (STEAM_0:1:118412116)
  • nerdRage.pro
    mikejuu (STEAM_1:1:28068)
    hyaluronic (STEAM_1:0:11796069)
    Zylonzo (STEAM_1:0:13029439)
    methoDs (STEAM_0:1:6120511 )
    Zepty (STEAM_0:0:16893099)
  • Team Ubitum
    wrx (STEAM_0:1:76186540)
    Shock3D (STEAM_0:1:37505042)
    ProbLeM? (STEAM_0:1:1582120)
    Dodzelele (STEAM_0:0:77638363)
    Redgar (STEAM_0:0:12945456)
  • Fulldegen
    hydrox (STEAM_1:1:352038)
    MackDaddy (STEAM_0:0:43546152)
    relIk (STEAM_1:1:30473314)
    Lunedii (STEAM_1:1:11585796)
    Awien (STEAM_1:1:13346399)
  • dodofe
    shaneey (STEAM_0:1:95040522)
    rakke (STEAM_0:0:36495)
    jensa (steam_1:0:80961991)
    happe (STEAM_0:0:76974843)
    karakz (STEAM_0:0:32172977)
  • TeamWWWW
    zEptonL (STEAM_1:1:938318)
    jialocin (STEAM_1:0:20323543)
    Hiffer (STEAM_1:0:22926940)
    mart1Nwk (STEAM_1:0:38244422)
    fonzen (STEAM_1:0:81265786)
  • Mirzoevs
    Ätarsson (STEAM_1:1:29814034)
    ADVADDEE (STEAM_0:1:38422356)
    Russel (STEAM_1:1:88736750)
    MNM (STEAM_0:1:118412116)
    IVEER (STEAM_1:1:47542661)
  • 'A'nglam'a'rkt
    avm (STEAM_0:0:15614615)
    vetic (STEAM_0:1:73332544)
    dacon (STEAM_0:1:513624)
    twist (STEAM_0:0:15699535)
    zirken (STEAM_0:1:29784337)
  • volgare
    gabesson (STEAM_1:1:21517133)
    rml (STEAM_1:0:43792)
    bodito ( STEAM_1:0:57453730)
    flash1 (STEAM_1:0:16865066)
    mustang (STEAM_1:0:35939895)
  • pierogi esports
    derciak (STEAM_0:1:43028778)
    okoliciouz (STEAM_0:0:32741677)
    gab (STEAM_0:0:38311743)
    szoszon (STEAM_0:1:15515657)
    ferson (STEAM_0:0:126779134)
  • Entropia Esports
    MitchMan (STEAM_0:1:60285274)
    NoFear (STEAM_0:1:44881073)
    Moody (STEAM_0:0:143281105)
    Rev (STEAM_0:1:10559898)
    Envo (STEAM_0:1:109749016)
  • häst
    bringarjohan (STEAM_1:0:15430956)
    kallefisk (steam_1:0:3327959)
    nogger (steam_1:1:9159778)
    validimo (STEAM_0:0:22310114)
    rillion (steam_1:0:59842598)
  • GoQFplc
    xek (STEAM_0:0:20269301)
    WHiTE (STEAM_0:0:56887081)
    SEMINTE_ (STEAM_0:1:18085506)
    jrz (1:0:2176410)
    r1d3r (STEAM_0:1:13127195)
  • Planet ODD
    Hedje (steam_0:1:1036640)
    lks (steam_1:1:24306969)
    Missa (steam_0:1:56412399)
    kimcsgo (steam_1:0:34822330)
    mattye (steam_1:1:31265311)
    rhyp (steam_0:1:102619347)
    fellster (STEAM_0:1:77636126)
    razzle (STEAM_0:0:22629227)
    Vking (STEAM_0:1:826891)
    fellpa (STEAM_0:0:52704353)
  • Xplicit eSports
    AlexDz (STEAM_0:0:56452629)
    JESEME (STEAM_0:1:90767431)
    [N7]Nyx-Spectre (STEAM_0:0:52869117)
    m1rfi (STEAM_0:0:52619949)
    Ersiin (STEAM_0:0:34012294)
  • Transact eSports
    AlenB (steam_0:1:32743924)
    Novage (steam_0:1:123108296)
    y0shi (steam_1:0:107667715)
    n0m3rCy (steam_1:1:117469863)
    trixx9r (steam_1:0:13817951)
  • asdasd11
    kASI (STEAM_0:0:43647288)
    Aabdi (STEAM_0:1:15590158)
    Mauw1 (STEAM_0:1:109997579)
    Nastyy (STEAM_0:1:73994849)
    acm (STEAM_1:1:195945502)
  • Playroute
    Lojah (steam_1:1:268754)
    Fredso (steam_1:0:6685088)
    imakke (steam_1:0:85859485)
    Flawsum (steam_1:1:7432439)
    Skirb (steam_1:0:12125163)
  • dAreelneqqa$
    zeo (STEAM_0:0:42221265)
    justblaze (STEAM_0:0:9717651)
    heap (STEAM_0:0:90773073)
    alonso (STEAM_0:0:17749986)
    yoyz (STEAM_0:1:106142526)
  • BumbiBjörnar
    ljungkvist (STEAM_0:0:138250305)
    sonkan (STEAM_0:0:126087224)
    Tal (steam_0:0:33363828)
    Phoenix9 (STEAM_0:1:105825021)
    hgzz (STEAM_0:0:138107689)
  • Team Hydra
    Fidz (STEAM_0:1:182343885)
    Karma (STEAM_0:1:182343885)
    Ravin (STEAM_0:1:99203738)
    Rolal (STEAM_0:1:77717691)
    Ekipp (STEAM_0:0:68707480)
  • KievSup
    Varn4tz (http://steamcommunity.com/id/varn4tz)
    Higlain (http://steamcommunity.com/id/h1glaiN)
    dar bojii (http://steamcommunity.com/id/xrzzzr)
    heav1k (http://steamcommunity.com/id/heavie)
    Famous (http://steamcommunity.com/id/FamousS)
  • prefix
    fBG (steam_0:0:35160753)
    Rikirino (steam_0:1:64651904)
    Willotelli (STEAM_0:1:186745509)
    Ajrolf (STEAM_0:0:17256560)
    armino (STEAM_0:0:18372205)
  • Maximus
    donton (1:0:52715687)
    richQUE (1:1:19895232)
    empa (1:1:1267321)
    rbs (1:1:101150810)
    minio (1:0:24138697)
  • Dallas2030
    iGnon (STEAM_1:0:27943443)
    MrAnderss0N (STEAM_1:1:18361)
    Imsu (STEAM_0:0:434849)
    Sn9p (STEAM_1:0:16908909)
    renjegarn (STEAM_0:0:10720916)
  • ZeroGp
    Maden (STEAM_0:1:102593149)
    Ridde (STEAM_0:0:116779859)
    SEN1K (STEAM_1:0:125887848)
    Mariuchii (STEAM_1:1:17867609)
    prvi (STEAM_1:1:102593149)
  • ZeroGp
    Maden (STEAM_0:1:102593149)
    SEN1K (STEAM_1:0:125887848)
    ridde (STEAM_0:0:116779859)
    Mariuchii (STEAM_1:1:17867609)
    Prvi (StEAM_1:1:102593149)
  • hemmakväll
    shrew (STEAM_0:1:11911859)
    ponkus (STEAM_0:0:13222459)
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Event overview

24 Juli 2017 - 20 Augusti 2017
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Online, European Union


To participate in the tournament all players must be registered at PUBLICLIR.SE and use their anti-cheat, EasyAntiCheat.

It is really important that you register and test everything with the EAC before the tournament starts!


All the players participating in G:loot Cup who wins at least one round and are of the age 18 or above will take part of the prize pool.

During the eight qualifiers you will win prize money based on the amount of rounds you win. For example, in RO128, if you win a round you get 1€ for your team. If you win your match and make it to the RO2 you win 3€ per round. If you were to make it to the grand final you win 25€ in the semi final and 50€ in the grand final.

The maximum amount of rounds that a team can win prices from per map is 16. Overtime will not give any price.

Besides that it is a normal CS:GO tournament with eight qualifiers were a total of four teams will make it to the grand final. Everything is played online during july and august.

Payment Info

In order to get your prize money from the tournament you need to sign-up with your Publiclir.se username & SteamID (Example: STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXX) on the signup page for each qualifier. It is required that you have the correct username and SteamID. If not, you are not eligible to get your prize money.

To be able to recive the prizemoney all players with the age 18 or above needs to be registerd on gloot.com and have there SteamID correctly filled in on your profile on gloot.com

The payment will be payed out within two weeks of the played qualifier and if you haven't received your money you can contact G:loot at info@gloot.com

Example one: Your team have all 5 players with the age 18 or above and have all the correct info filled in on all websites (Fragbite, Publiclir, G:Loot). You lose your first match with the score 16-10 to your opponent. Then that means that your team won in total of 10€ and it shares over all the players meaning each player get 2€.

Example two: Your team have two players under the age of 18 and have all the correct info filled in on all websites (Fragbite, Publiclir, G:Loot). You lose your first match with the score 16-10 to your opponent. Then that means that your team won in total of 6€ and it shares over all the players that are 18 or above, meaning each player get 2€. The price that the players that are under 18 wont be split to rest of the players that are 18 or above.

· How to register if you are not from Sweden.
· How to download & use EAC.
· How to rent a server.


24/7 - 19.00 Week One - Qualifier #1
25/7 - 19.00 Week One - Qualifier #2
26/7 - 19:00 Week One - Playoffs Day 1
27/7 - 18.00 Week One - Playoffs Day 2 (Broadcasted)

31/7 - 19.00 Week Two - Qualifier #1
1/8 - 19.00 Week Two - Qualifier #2
2/8 - 19:00 Week Two - Playoffs Day 1
3/8 - 18.00 Week Two - Playoffs Day 2 (Broadcasted)

7/8 - 19.00 Week Three - Qualifier #1
8/8 - 19.00 Week Three - Qualifier #2
9/8 - 19:00 Week Three - Playoffs Day 1
10/8 - 18.00 Week Three - Playoffs Day 2 (Broadcasted)

14/8 - 19.00 Week Four - Qualifier #1
15/8 - 19.00 Week Four - Qualifier #2
16/8 - 19:00 Week Four - Playoffs Day 1
17/8 - 18.00 Week Four - Playoffs Day 2 (Broadcasted)

20/8 - 18.00 Grand Final (Broadcasted)