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Get to know NiP-friberg-

The name Adam Friberg doesn't make 1.6 players to stop and turn their head. Nor is the nickname friberg something sacred for people who didn't jump over to Source when it came.
This is why Fragbite will take this opportunity to tell you the story of the person who recently became a ninja, so that CS fanatics who are less devoted to the Source scene will get to know the person who is a big part of the new NiP CS:GO team.

Sidan 1

Adam Friberg is a 20 year old living in Dublin for the time being. He is currently sharing the experience of living in the capital of Ireland with his fellow ninja, Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson, as they both work for the IT company IBM. Johansson will be moving back home to Sweden, while friberg will cut back his hours at IBM to be able to play and travel more.

The NiP players friberg and Fifflaren at a club in Dublin

Adam grew up in Gothenburg and is highly interested in sports. He played ice hockey in his youth, but eventually the gaming took over. Around the new millennium he started playing computer games, but at this point it was very casual and you couldn't find an FPS title amongs the games. Unlike most professional CS gamers, Friberg didn't play much 1.6 before he went to Source as this was the first Counter-Strike title he bought, around 2005. He only played the classic version of CS on the computers in his school, therefore very casual.

Even though the Dubliner has played quite some 1.6 since he started to play Source he always preferred the newer title. About three years after he bought the game, he started to play it more seriously and found out he had talent.
I started mixing around and play gathers in 2008, and quickly noticed I had an aiming talent. In the end of 2008, or in the beginning of 2009, I joined my first serious clan if I remember correctly. We played alot and went to some LANs in Denmark.
In 2010, Friberg and his team Blight went to Denmark to play DSRack. Not only did they manage to beat one of the best teams in Europe in the group stage, they also had a five hour long marathon against the American Team Dynamic, who ended up grabbing the second place in the tournament.

After the performance in Denmark, Adam was offered a spot in 30P-Gaming, the best team in Sweden back then. The team had a gaming house in Dublin where four of the players worked and lived together.
I learned so much during my time in 30P-Gaming and developed alot as a player. In my mind, 30P-Gaming is the reason why I am where I am today.
Now it's time for friberg to leave CS:Source behind to advance to the new title CS:Global Offensive. This is a game he's grown fond of mainly because the feedback from players is taken seriously, and that Valve continues to update the game.
Just think of how much the game has been updated since you saw Europe vs. America at IEM New York. Also, CS:GO will become better and better the more people get to play it.
Now, Friberg has become a part of Ninjas In Pyjamas together with, as he puts it, "the best players from both CS 1.6 and CS:Source. A really sick lineup!". The team is fully dedicated to be come the best in the world, and the reason to why they will achieve their goal is because they, according to friberg himself, have the ultimate team.
We have taken the best from both 1.6 and CS:Source according to me. Us CS:Source players have benefits since the game is slightly more like CS:Source, and with the playing style and the skill from the 1.6 players we can have the ultimate team, and I think we have it.
So, what does the new NiP player contribute to the team? According to himself, he relies alot on his aim, something that might be useful since he's the kind of player who often tries to open up the round for his team.
I am a player who relies alot on my aim, which is an important factor in my game since I often take duels and try to get an entry frag in the beginning of the rounds. I also try to clear as much of the map as possible to provide information for my team.
Outside of the game, he describes himself as a rather funny person since he's not really the silent type, rather than the guy who inappropriately add stupid comments. "It's my treat", says friberg, who now is expected to be incredibly charming in upcoming video interviews.

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