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Fragbite Masters will be back

Counter-Strike: GO

585,000 SEK to CS:GO in Fragbite Masters S4

Today we present some details regarding the CS:GO tournament in the fourth season of Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem.
On Monday we informed the public that Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem is back with a fourth edition. The first game out is StarCraft II, and the highly appreciated CS:GO tournament will be following. Today, we give you some details surrounding the upcoming Global Offensive event, such as prize money, dates, stream and LAN finals.

500,000 SEK in pure prize money

We're incredibly happy to present a raised prize pool for the fourth edition of the tournament, as 500,000 SEK (approximately 60,000 USD) will be up for grabs. The pot is 200,000 SEK higher than the previous season, and on top of that, we're giving out 60,000 SEK (approximately 7,000 USD) in travel support for the teams qualifying to the LAN finals. In addition to this, Play of the Day will come back and also give out 25,000 SEK to its winner(s). Find out more information about Play of the Day further down in this announcement.

fnatic are the titleholders in Fragbite Masters.

22 days of Counter-Strike

The whole CS:GO tournament will have a total of 22 playing days, held over a span of eight weeks. Out of the 16 participating teams, twelve will be invited whilst the remaining will be qualifying through four separate online qualifiers. The season will start with the qualifying stage, whereupon the best of three group stage will follow. Concluding the online-portion will be our double-elimination best of three playoffs which will decide the four teams that will travel to the LAN-finals in Stockholm, Sweden

Qualifying Stage
April 14-15Qualifier #1
April 21-22Qualifier #2
Group Stage
April 28-29Group A
April 30 & May 5Group B
May 6 & 12Group C
May 13-14Group D
May 19-20Consolidation Stage (Final group matches)
May 21-22Winner Bracket Round #1
May 23-24Loser Bracket Round #1
May 25-26Determination Stage (WB R2, LB R2)
June 6-7LAN finals

LAN finals for the top four

Last year we hosted our first ever Fragbite Masters LAN-finals to end the CS:GO tournament. This was an extremely rewarding experience for us, as well as the players, which made it natural for us to once again implement the same format for our fourth season. Just like in the previous edition the finals will be held at the Fragbite Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. This unfortunately means that it will once again not be a spectator event per se, but we will make sure to put even more effort into the production of the finals, as well as making it even more enjoyable for the players and the small amount of people present.

The stream is back!

As you've probably guessed, the amazing Fragbite Masters stream will be back with the sole aim of making this whole tournament a great viewing experience. The production team behind the cameras will be consisting of the people who brought you the three previous iterations of Fragbite Masters who have the lofty task of imporving on an already polished product. The high quality stream will be bringing you a total of 22 days of CS:GO under a period of eight weeks, so prepare yourself for some great instant replays, amusing commercials and other entertaining moments throughout the season. The stream will, as always, be FragbiteLive (Twitch).

Continued support from our beloved sponsors

As we mentioned in our previous announcement, this journey continues with our beloved title sponsor Com Hem, as well as McDonald’s, by our side. We’re also excited to see PokerStars (yes, POKAH) return to Fragbite Masters as they wish to be a part of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. So on top of a great lineup of sponsors, we’re confident that the tournament (and even the commercials!) will be entertaining.

Com Hem Play of the Day — 25,000 SEK for a great round

Com Hems's Play of the Day is also returning to the fourth season of Fragbite Masters. The concept gives all participants the opportunity to win 25,000 SEK (approximately 3,000 USD) for only one amazing round. Com Hem's Play of the Day is based on our production's instant replay function, where one sequence every broadcasting day becomes the "Play of the Day". At the end of the tournament, all "Plays" become subject to a final vote, where the star(s) of the best sequence gets the 25, 000 SEK prize.

This is all the information we can present at this moment. Hopefully it's more than enough for our lovely CS:GO followers to start getting excited. We do recommend you to follow the StarCraft II tournament, which kicks off next week, as well. More details about that tournament will be presented in the upcoming days.

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