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Galaxy Racer manager: "They talked a big game and had absolutely nothing"

The second semi-final of the Fragleague Top Division has been played, with Galaxy Racer coming on top of IQUE. Galaxy Racer manager was not impressed, but now looks forward to the finals.
Only the game for the 3rd place and the grand-finals are now left in the Fragleague Top Division. On Sunday the second and last semi-final of the season was played between Swedish side Galaxy Racer and the Finns in IQUE. HENU from IQUE said prior to the game that he expected an easy and clean 2-0 victory for the Finns. The Swedes had other things in mind.

The semi-final started on Overpass, and Galaxy Racer took early control of the map. PlesseN was the brightest stars for the Swedes on Overpass, when they took a comfortable 16-7 victory on the first map.

The second map of Mirage would turn out to be a tighter game, with the teams sharing rounds from start to finish. disco doplan made some clutch plays for Galaxy Racer, and in the end the Swedes won the semi-final with 2-0. In the final Galaxy Racer will face off against another Finnish side, SJ, meanwhile IQUE will play the bronze game against Lilmix.

This is what Galaxy Racer manager had to say about the semi-final:

"The semi finals was easy, they talked a big game and had absolutely nothing to back it up with. They are all talents and have bright futures a head. And I love the confidence!"

He also commented on the upcoming grand-final:

"We have met SJ several times before and have a perfect record versus them. We'll have to be on our toes to win. But we'll win the grand finals.

The bronze match and the grand-final will be played this incoming Sunday and all the action will be broadcasted on twitch. Be sure to tune in!

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