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Vis heading into the playoff after messy group stage: “Anything below top six is a disappointment for us”

In the last week of the Top Division Group Stage Vis managed to climb into the top eight and grab a Top Division Playoff spot. We caught up with Stratos to hear his thoughts about the group stage and his expectations for the playoff.
This Sunday 13.00 CEST the Top Division Playoff kicks off and this season a PCS5 Europe Wildcard slot is up for grabs. Last week was the final week of the Top Division group stage where we saw Uncut Jewelry and Vis squeeze into the top eight after grabbing a win each, which made Any Trolls in Chat and Where Team miss out on the Top Division Playoff.

We caught up with Stratos from Vis, to hear his thoughts about the season and their expectations for the Top Division Playoff.

– Inconsistent and messy are two words that describe our group stage performance the best. Things got too close for comfort in the end when they shouldn't have, says Stratos.

How were the emotions when you saw that you made it to the playoff?

– We actually first thought that we didn’t make it because of getting only two points from the last game, but we were relieved when we saw the final leaderboard.

Going into the playoff, what placement would you be satisfied with?

– Top four. Anything below top six is a disappointment for us.

Anything you would like to add?

– Big thanks to Fragbite for organising another great season of Fragleague and big thanks to our substitute players ANDY_TUHOO and tuhojuho for stepping in when needed.

The top two teams from each Regional Division of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway are now entering the Top Division Playoff. The eight new teams coming up from the Regional Divisions are; Teaminet, Furafic Fark, In Control, Young Danes, Last Crew, Rise and Win, Kjutta Sjakk Klubb, and AIRLINERS.

Here are all the teams competing in the Top Division Playoff:
Sverige Teaminet
Othiss, Babanolis, Flow1e, Akdov370
Sverige Furafic Fark
r9bin, RonnieKray, Doid, Salty_Swede
Danmark In Control
Kenshin, Kalli, Doffy, Samitooo
Danmark Young Danes
Ketter, rAsk, btm, Mikzenn, Timi583
Danmark Diskvalificeret
Nixtys, Kompot_trash, Jembty, Wan7ed, CLAYZILLA
Finland Last Crew
Tahvoo, Kojootti, TurboBanaani, Jap1
Finland Rise and Win
miikaz, Kova1evy, Elska, 14
Finland Kitchen.
Rustanmar, SKUIJKE, D1gg3r1, Fexx
Finland SKADE
NOOKIE, Mise, Anonymous, Sikora
Finland YMCA Esports
Zoon, NooaVee, JNGX, liito
Finland Vis
Stratos, rhonix, curexi, KILYAKAi, ANDY_TUHOO
Norge Kjutta Sjakk Klubb
Rubzi, Daix, Phon, DAVETHECRAZY
Ticko, Triquo, glAmund, Adle
Norge Norsemen
PartyBeetle, Herkii, Snuskiduski, AveiMil
Norge Tempus
Wookiebookie, TomiL, Himan, NIXZYEE, PiXeL1K
Norge Uncut Jewelry
saltym8, RUDI, Pr3bS, Sunnny

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