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Fragbite Masters will be back


G2 move on to Orange Bracket semis

After a thrilling three-map-match against LDLC White, with stand-ins, G2 Esports are through to the semi finals of the Orange Bracket in Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem Season 5.
So we all knew yesterday's game between G2 Esports and LDLC White would be entertaining, but not quite as entertaining as it turned out to be. G2 used Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel as a stand-in for Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad, while the French team used EnVyUs duo Vincent "Happy" Cervoni and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire as ringers for Timothée "DEVIL" Démolon and Matthieu "matHEND" Roquigny.

The match couldn't have gotten a better start on Dust2, as apEX played on a steam account belonging to LDLC White manager "MoMaN", due to steam problems on his own account. Without casters really knowing if it was apEX or MoMaN playing, the EnVyUs-star pulled off one of the sickest pistol aces Fragbite Masters has ever witnessed. This was the first step towards a 10-5 half for the defending Frenchmen. However, it wasn't enough as G2 locked down the bombsites in the second half to win the first map 16-12.

apEX's insane pistol ace from the match's opening round.

As G2 Esports picked Dust2, they surely expected to take the lead in the series. And when Inferno came up, LDLC thought the very same thing. As the attacking team, they managed to get a whole eleven rounds against G2's four before the halftime buzzer. After that, G2 did put up a good fight to make a comeback, but were a couple of rounds short. LDLC pulled the game to a third decider via a 16-12 result of their own.

The deciding map was Cache, where G2 time and time again have proven to be a strong team. When starting the CT side, they picked up nine rounds to LDLC's six, which could be seen as a narrow win in the half. However, G2 were dominant as the attacking team, picking up seven out of eight rounds to win the series 2-1.

Europa G2 vs. Frankrike LDLC White

G2: Maikelele, dennis, fox, rain, RUBINO
LDLC: Fuks, to1nou, bodyy, Happy, apEX

The win means G2 Esports join mousesports and DenDD in the bracket semis, while FlipSid3 Tactics and SK Gaming still have their match to play. That game is scheduled a week from now, Thursday the 12th of November, when we continue the Orange Bracket in the search for the final teams for the LAN finals.

Thursdaythe 12th of November

Ukraina FlipSid3 vs. Danmark SK Gaming

F3: B1ad3, bondik, markeloff, WorldEdit, DavCost
SK: Friis, cadiaN, AcilioN, TBA, TBA

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