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Fragbite Masters will be back


Final details for Fragbite Masters CS:GO

Have you been wondering about the schedule, groups, prize distribution and how to qualify for Fragbite Masters Season 3? Here's the info!
Since the announcement of a third season of Fragbite Masters, we have received a lot of different questions regarding the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive part of it. Today, we're glad to give out details about the whole tournament. Let's do this in a chronological order, starting with the qualifiers.


As previously mentioned, the season will contain 16 teams battling for 300 000 SEK. Twelve of these are invites, who were presented last week. The last four spots will be decided by two qualifiers where the top two qualify. Each qualifier will be played over two days — next week's Monday and Tuesday for the first qualifier, and the following Saturday and Sunday for the second. Sign-ups will be opened in the next couple of days.

Qualifier #1

Dates: 22-23 September
Slots: 128 (might increase if necessary)

Sign-up: TBA

Top two qualify!

Qualifier #2

Dates: 27-28 September
Slots: 128 (might increase if necessary)

Sign-up: TBA

Top two qualify!

Group stage

The main tournament starts with a group stage. There will be four groups of four teams, one qualified team in each group. The groups will be played double elimination, more commonly known as the GSL format. The difference from last year is that all matches but the first two in the group stage will be played best of three maps. The first two matches in each group will still be played best of one.

Group A (1-2 October)Group B (4-5 October)
Sverige NiP GamingUkraina Na`Vi
Frankrike LDLCTyskland mousesports
Danmark CPH WolvesDanmark Team Dignitas
Världen Qualifying teamVärlden Qualifying team
Group C (8-9 October)Group D (11-12 October)
Sverige fnaticPolen Virtus.pro
Frankrike EpsilonFrankrike Titan
Ukraina HellRaisersSverige Bad Monkey Gaming
Världen Qualifying teamVärlden Qualifying team

Double elimination playoffs

Just like the previous season, all teams from the group stage will advance to the playoffs. The top two teams in each group will earn themselves a place in the upper bracket, whilst the bottom two teams will start in lower bracket. Last year the lower bracket was played with a best of one format, but this year all lower bracket matches except the very first round is played best of three. Please note that the playoff is divided into three chunks of play-days as we don't want to collide with other tournaments.

Playoffs: Part 114-16 October
Playoffs: Part 221-23 October
Playoffs: Part 328-29 October

Four team LAN finals

The online phase ends when there are only four teams remaining in the tournament. These four teams will compete on LAN in the Fragbite studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Here, the upper bracket final, lower bracket final, consolidation final and grand final will be played over two days time. The grand final will be played best of five maps, starting at a 0-0 score. This means the team from the upper bracket won't have a map advantage, but only advantages in the veto process.

8 NovemberLower Bracket Final & Upper Bracket Final
9 NovemberConsolidation Final & Grand Final

Prize distribution

As we really want to focus on our LAN finals, the 300 000 SEK prize pool is distributed amongst the top four finishers of the tournament. As previously mentioned, we will also provide the teams with travel and accommodation support worth 15 000 SEK, approximately 1 600 EUR, per team.

1.160 000 SEK(approximately 17 350 EUR)
2.80 000 SEK(approximately 8 600 EUR)
3.40 000 SEK(approximately 4 300 EUR)
4.20 000 SEK(approximately 2 150 EUR)
Total:300 000 SEK(approximately 32 500 EUR)

Tournament schedule overview

Qualifier #122-23 September
Qualifier #227-28 September
Group A1-2 October
Group B4-5 October
Group C8-9 October
Group D11-12 October
Playoffs: Part 114-16 October
Playoffs: Part 221-23 October
Playoffs: Part 328-29 October
LAN finals8-9 November

22 days of Counter-Strike

As we've mentioned earlier, we have almost doubled our CS:GO days for the third season. Thanks to more best of three matches and the qualifiers, we have 22 days of Counter-Strike as opposed to last year's 12. All of these days will be broadcasted as well, meaning Anders Blume and Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat will shoutcast both qualifiers.

So, what are you waiting for? There's only seven days left until the first qualifier — grab your four best friends and start practicing!

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