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P1noy: "I don’t let [my confidence] get to me"

Gambits AD Carry Kristoffer "P1noy" Pedersen reflekterar kring sin vinst på IEM Cologne, Gambit som lag och vilka AD Carrys han vill spela mot mest.
Den unga dansken satte hela LoL-communityn i brand efter sitt extremt aggressiva spelande på IEM Cologne där han dominerade Yilian "Doublelift" Peng i finalen. Gåendes in i LCS däremot, erkänner sjuttonåringen att han har försökt att inte låta segern skymma hans omdöme.

Some time has passed now since your victory at IEM Cologne where you managed to defeat CLG in the grand final. How did the effect of you winning the event affect your thoughts heading in to your first ever LCS Split? Are you confident of placing within the top 4?

We were of course really happy with the outcome of IEM Cologne and it gave us a lot of confidence heading into the spring split. It gave us a clear indication of where we are as a team when it comes to tournaments or official matches and how we can progress and improve from there.

I feel confident but at the same time I don’t let it get to me, two of us have almost no experience playing in the LCS or how the atmosphere generally is when playing every week, but I’m feeling confident that we will be placing within the top 4.

Despite the attention being on the resurgence of Diamondprox at IEM Cologne, all eyes were turned towards you after several impressive performances against every botlane you happened to face. Do you rate your performance at the event as the highest peak in your own individual play yet, or do you feel that you could’ve performed better?

My performance was good I would say, it’s hard to say whether it was my highest individual performance though, I had some really great moments in the tournament overall, but I also made a lot of mistakes, so I think if I was more consistent I would’ve been able to perform better. But overall I think I had a good performance and I was happy despite the mistakes, and its been something I’ve looked on in order to improve on while heading towards the split

Gambit were well known for being an incredibly aggressive team back in the day, but their former AD Genja never subscribed to that style. Do you think that that is why you perform so well with Edward has he’s been considered as one of the most aggressive supports out there?

Yeah, it’s really great to have a lane-partner that is so suitable to my style. I’ve learned a lot since being partnered with Edward in the botlane and he still helps me quite a bit, so big props to him!

The living arrangement was what, allegedly, caused the incredible dip in the old Gambit roster’s performance level. Now with the team containing more members from mainland europe, will that issue still be affecting Diamondprox and Edward, or have Gambit found a solution to the living situation?

Gambit will be getting a gaming house, which will be really good. As far as i know, Diamond and Edward will also be there, at least most of the time. I don’t know the exact situation so it’s a bit hard for me to elaborate further.

Many saw your “duel” with Doublelift in the final of IEM Cologne as the highlight of the tournament. What other AD’s are on your own personal “hitlist” as in who would you like to play the most in the upcoming LCS split?

My personal hitlist of who I would like to play would probably be the AD of SK, Forgiven. I consider him the strongest player in laning phase and aside from him, MrRallez and Rekkles.

Any final words/shoutouts?

First of all, thanks to you for taking your time for the interview, and thanks to Pringles and all the Gambit fans out there.

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