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2021 PGL Major Stockholm

Event overview

26 Oktober 2021 - 7 November 2021
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


The first Major in two years will happen in Stockholm, Sweden and will be hosted by PGL This will be the first time having a $2,000,000 USD prize pool for a counter-strike major. Valve has confirmed that the participating teams will be identified via a series of RMR events.


The tournament format is divided into three stages; The Challengers Stage, Legends Stage, and Champion Stage.

Challengers Stage is composed of 16 teams wherein the top eight teams will advance to the Legends Stage and the bottom eight will be eliminated.

Legends Stage is also composed of 16 teams out of which the top 8 will advance to the next stage and the bottom teams will be eliminated.

Champions Stage is the determining event and will be played in the single-elimination format and matches from the quarterfinals through semi-finals are played in the best-of-three series.

The Grand final best-of series is yet to be announced.

(Note: Each stage format is yet to be determined and more information will be added as soon as it's available.)