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WESG 2017 World Finals

Event overview

13 Mars 2018 - 19 Mars 2018
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Haikou, China


The WESG is a Multi game tournament with arguably the largest scope in terms of countries represented. Other than CS:GO the other games are Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Dota2.

The Finals will take place starting on the 13th March and will last until the 18th at the Haikou International Convention & Exhibition Center in China with a staggering prize-pool of $1,500,000 with 32 teams from all around the world who got here from many different regional qualifiers.


Group Stage 1

The 32 teams are divided into eight round-robin groups of four teams each. Each match is a best-of-one.

The top two teams of each group stage will move to the second stage.

Group Stage 2

Once again, teams are divided into round-robin groups of four teams each with the bottom two teams of each being eliminated and the top two moving forward to the playoffs. The difference from Stage 1 is that the matches will now be best-of-two.


The playoffs will feature best-of-three matches throughout in a single-elimination bracket.