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iGame.com 1on1 Cup

Week 2

8 Mars 2018 - 8 Mars 2018
Online, Sweden


All of the players must be from Sweden to be able to participate.

To participate in the tournament all players must be registered at PUBLICLIR.SE and use their anti-cheat, EasyAntiCheat.

It is really important that you register and test everything with the EAC before the tournament starts!


How do I sign up and check in for the tournament?

1. Create a team and apply with your roster
2. Be on Discord at check-in time (#Fragbite @ Discord.gg)


3. Team captain will check-in through the website (a green button will appear in the menu)
4. Once the bracket is out, find your opponents in the Discord chatroom.

· How to download & use EAC.
· How to rent a server.


8th of March - Qualifier Day
18:00 CET – Check-in begins
18:50 CET – Registration closes / Check-in ends
19:00 CET – Bracket will be released
· Round of 128 (BO1)
· Round of 64 (BO1)
· Round of 32 (BO1)
· Round of 16 (BO1)
· Quarterfinals 1-4 (BO3)
· Semifinals 1-2 (BO3)
· Final (BO3)

(One team qualify for the Playoffs)

20th of April - Playoffs
More info will be posted when we have it.

· In order to participate you must use EAC from Publiclir.se.
· Remember to make sure that EAC works BEFORE the tournament starts.
· Rules can change at any time so keep yourself updated by reading the rules just before the tournament starts.


General rules:
· EAC from Publiclir.se. (Games4u as backup)
· MR15
· Team A is responsible for the server renting on Publiclir (the highest of the 2 teams in the bracket).
· It is okay to ask for WO 15 minutes after the bracket has been generated.
· Overtime - Maxrounds 3
· Pause is only allowed during halftime.
· Maximum of 5 minute pause during each map per team.
· If the server crashes before the 4th round the map is restarted, example 2-1 in score.
· If the server crashes after the 4th round you restart at the current score, example 2-2 in score.
· All 3rd party software or tools that isn't allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team are classed as cheating and is not allowed.
· Players with a CS:GO VAC ban from 2016, 2017 or 2018 are not allowed to participate.
· Players with cheat bans from previous Fragbite tournaments are not allowed to participate within two years from when the ban was issued.

· All players have to record their own in-game demo. The demo most be recorded with the built-in record function writing record in the console in CS:GO, ending up as a .dem file. The demo most include all rounds that you have played under the match including overtime.
· The recording most be a complete demo, to be counted as complete demo the recording most be from the first round to the final round that you have played in the match. If it's more then one map being played all maps need to be recorded to be counted as a complete demo. If you do not, you may be disqualified depending on the situation.
· You need to notify an admin before you request demos from the enemy player.
· You have 5 minutes after the match have ended to contact an admin and request for demos.
· You have 15 minutes after being notified to upload your demo. If your internet connection is slow, notify an admin before the 15 minutes has passed.
· The demo most be saved for 7 days from the time the match was played and be uploaded if requested by an admin.

Map pool:
· aim_igame

Upcoming matches

No upcoming matches

Played matches

Playoff - Bracket for 4 teams (2 rounds)

Round 1 (Semi finals)

Round 2 (Finals)

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You're about to sign a team up for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament iGame.com 1on1 Cup Week 2. The tournament begins 2018-03-08 19:00.

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Pending teams (1)

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Accepted teams (4)

    b0bbzki (STEAM_1:0:68922124)
  • Team-DJNoccO
    DJ (STEAM_1:0:10044455)
  • fatfish
    fatfish (STEAM_1:1:9810827)
  • Bergman
    Bergman (STEAM_1:0:14059107)

Event overview

23 Februari 2018 - 21 April 2018
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


iGame.com 1on1 Cup spelar man 1 mot 1 på den specialbyggda kartan aim_igame. Under två månader kommer åtta kval att spelas där 16 spelare tar sig till finalen och till slut står en ensam vinnare kvar som segrare. De fyra spelare som betalade för att delta i de två inledande kvalen kommer att placeras direkt i slutspel. Resterande 12 spelare måste spela sig igenom ett gruppspel för att ta sig till slutspelet där de möter de fyra betalande deltagarna.

För att vara med behöver du göra följande:
1) Registrera dig på iGame.com, detta kan du göra genom att klicka här.
* Du måste vara 18 år eller äldre för att registrera dig på iGame
2) Anmäl dig via vår turneringsportal, det kan du göra här.
3) Lycka till!


Tors 1/3: Kval #1
Tors 8/3: Kval #2
Tors 15/3: Kval #3
Tors 22/3: Kval #4
Tors 29/3: Kval #5
Fredag 6/4: Kval #6
Tors 12/4: Kval #7
Tors 19/4: Kval #8
Fredag 20/4: Final

1. 30 000 SEK
2. 18 000 SEK
3. 6 000 SEK
4. 6 000 SEK

Prissumman är uträknad före skatt.