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Ambush raalz: “Right now we are on the right path to success"

In the light of the season finale of Fragleague we got the chance to speak to Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg, one of Ambush CS:GO players competing in the top division. We talked about the team, the minor qualifiers coming up in the end of May, as well as the state of the Danish scene.
Intervjun presenteras i samarbete med Philips OneBlade
We're just about two weeks away from the Fragleague Season 2 finale, and in time for the playoffs we got the chance to speak with Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg from Ambush, one of the top CS:GO teams in the league. They also participated in the first season of the league, and started it off under the name Jordan's Money Crew before they got signed to Ambush – and raalz thinks that the organization sees and appreciates the team's hard work.

The way Ambush talks with us (the players) and how we can be 100% honest with each other is so outstanding. I’ve never tried anything like this before, and I feel this is the right home for us. The thing about Ambush is that everyone is on the same level – no one is left behind and everyone has something to say, raalz says.

Ambush is one of the most outstanding Danish teams right now – it's hard to miss the hard work the team puts into the game. raalz does think that an all-Danish roster is the right path, not only because it makes it easier with the calls – but he also thinks that it's important to have each other close when it comes to bootcamps, and so on. The closer the team, the better the performance. Not many have missed that the Danish CS:GO scene has overall been superior the last year, but that's not something raalz, as a player, get affected by. He does, however, have some thoughts about why the Danish scene is thriving.

I think there is such an understanding for the competitive scene in esports, in Denmark, so it makes it easier to start playing. You can also see a lot of schools take esports very serious, and have esports courses.

Ambush has made a great mark in Denmark, as they made their way through the qualifier at Copenhagen Games in April, and got the chance to play in the main tournament. Sadly they fell short, but raalz is still proud of their performance at the event, as their main goal was to qualify to the main tournament, which they did. It was an useful experience as they had a long talk after the tournament, and came out stronger both inside and outside the game.

Ambush is looking great in Fragleague with a 5-1 record. Photo: Ambush
Ambush is looking great in Fragleague with a 5-1 record. Photo: Ambush

But it's not only on home turf that they have made a name for themselves, they also made a mark on the Nordic scene in the first season of Fragleague. When asked about the league raalz have nothing bad to say, and he sends his love to the admins for always being there to help out if needed. Another thing he highlights is the fact that all matches are being played out on best of three maps which means that they don't get the same "random" factor as it is when playing best of ones. This season has, just as the first one, been a good one for the team as they're one of the top teams in the top division.

At the moment we are 5-1 so we can’t really complain about our performance even though we came into this season with a mindset about winning the whole league and not losing a single game. But as it looks right now, I am confident we will make a good figure and play some good matches even though there have been some complications around our team.

The complications raalz talks about is the fact that they recently lost a member of the team due to cancer. When the news came to light the twins, Oliver "Kolibrien" Schlichter and Emil "Remoy" Schlichter, decided to take a break. Remoy later decided to come back to the starting lineup.

It has been really rough, and we are all heartbroken about the news we got from the twins back then. But we try to keep our heads held high, and with Remoy being back it starts looking like something again. Remoy is a very talented guy and a good friend of the team and we are happy to have him back.

With the Minor qualifiers on the table, they're still in the process of trialing a new player to fill the gap in the team. The dream is to make it to the big stage, and according to raalz the Major is what they're living for – and the reason they keep competing and fighting every day. However, they acknowledge the fact that it is an unusually stacked closed qualifier, so they hope that they can qualify and do some damage to the bigger teams. Ambush is capable to make upsets and raalz know that the team feels the hunger to do so.

The next step for Ambush is to keep competing and keep fighting every day. Right now, we are on the right path to success, and I know if we keep having our heads held high like we have done the last couple of months, even though the hard complications around the team, I know we'll get further and further – it is just about time. And to keep fighting it's important for us players that we have a home like Ambush. The great thing about being at Ambush is that we only have to think about how we play and how we improve, while Ambush is taking care about the rest outside of the game. Also, a big thanks to our partners NOCCO, Shark Gaming and EPPAREL for making this possible for us, and having our back, even when things are looking dark.

Intervjun presenteras i samarbete med Philips OneBlade

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