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How to rent a server

How do i rent a server?

· Go to publiclir.se/rentserver or navigate to “Boka” and then “Spelserver”

· First choose the game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. Then you choose for how many hours you want to rent the server. Note: Rent it for a longer period if you are going to play in a tournament.

"rcon" - Pick a master password that you will use to control the server with. More info on how to use this is further down on this site.

"lösenord" - Here you type in the password that all players need to write in to be able to connect the server.

"Anti-cheat VAC/EAC/Inget" - Pick EAC

· Press “Boka” when all the information is entered into the fields. You should now see this info

The server is now ready to be played on.

How to connect to the server & use RCON

· Start CS:GO and open up the console. Type "connect “XXXXXXX:XXXXX”;password *PASSWORD*" - image

· type rcon_password “the password you choose for rcon” and press enter - image
You are now able to manage the settings on the server as you like.

The preinstalled commands are:

rcon warmup = Warmup - image
rcon start = Starting the game with 5v5 settings - image
rcon overtime = Overtime settings - image
rcon start1 = Starting the game with 1v1 settings
rcon overtime1 = Overtime settings for 1v1 mode