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The biggest esports league in the Nordics is back — Fragleague season 7 is here!

It's finally time to announce the next upcoming season of Fragleague. The seventh season of the biggest esports league in the Nordic is upon us and will be played in 2021 Q4.
Fragleague enthusiasts and esport nerds, this announcement is for you! We are happy to announce the upcoming season of Fragleague. For the seventh season in a row, we will gather all the best teams in our region in our Nordic Top Division in both Counter-Strike Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. In our Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Regional Division you will be able to compete alongside the up and coming regional talents and the stars of tomorrow.

Studio - Fragleague S6
Studio - Fragleague S6

When does it start?

The first week of Fragleague will start on the 18th of October, meaning that the first Top Division broadcast will be on the 24th of October. Our admin team will be starting to reach out to all teams in the coming weeks and start the onboarding process for Fragleague Season 7. Get your lineups ready and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out in our support channels on Fragbite's official Discord server.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

It might not have been a tough guess but CS:GO is once again one of our titles. Fragleague has grown into one of the biggest leagues in our entire region and CS:GO has truly been ingrained in our DNA by now.

We listened and we heard you liked what we did. The format will stay the same for the seventh season, this means that all divisions will start off with a group play played over four weeks. This is then followed by a five-week-long playoff.

This platform of choice for Fragleague S7 when it comes to CS:GO will be Esportal, please stay tuned and spam F5 after clicking this link to get to the Fragleague page.

Prize pool
305 000 SEK

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Together with the PUBG community we have been able to build the strongest and most competitive league in our region and our goal is to keep building on the success we have had so far.

You will see some slight adjustments being made this season, all fully based on your feedback. Together, we will keep on making Fralgeague even stronger.

Obviously, Fragleague will still be played on Challengermode, so please follow our Space there to stay updated.

Prize pool
280 000 SEK

Fragleague Cups

As always there will be some cups for all you out there that don't play CS:GO or PUBG. For this season we will keep Valorant as a title, we are also saving a last little secret for later. The second cup title will be announced SoonTM.

Prize pool
25 000 SEK

Unnanounced Title
Prize pool
25 000 SEK

Fragleague could be your first stepping stone and path to glory and the fancy life as a professional player. Do as many others have done before you, sign up and participate in the biggest esports league in the Nordics, Fragleague - a league open for everyone.

Great links
General information: Fragleague
PUBG: Fragleague on Challengermode
CS:GO: Fragleague on Esportal

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