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nawwk om f0rest: "Det går inte riktigt att ersätta en sådan legendarisk spelare"

Vi på Fragbite tog hos till Ninjas in Pyjamas kontor för att intervjua deras nyaste spelare, Tim "nawwk" Jonasson. Han pratar om början av karriären, tiden i Gamerlegion, att Fnatic ville ha honom och hur det är att komma in i NiP.
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English translation

We are sitting here with Ninjas in Pyjamas newest addition, nawwk. Before we jump in to the NiP-stuff I want talk about the start of your career, when did you start playing CS:GO?

I started playing late 2014, just playing with friends. That was until 2017 when i started playing more serious.

What made you make the decision to start playing more seriously?

I started noticing i was better than my friends and wanted to go all in, i thought it was really fun.

The first mark you made on the scene was in X6tence Galaxy together with Nicolas "Plopski" Gonzales Zamora. You had an impressive run during Dreamhack Winter 2018 but the team stopped playing together, can you tell us a bit about that?

Like you said, Dreamhack went really well and after that we went on a break. After that we had som struggles with the organisation, we wanted to make some changes to the team but X6tence didn't let us. So they released everyone except me and Plopski

How was it for you being stuck in that organisation? You were there for quite a while right?

It was about a month i believe. During that time I got an invite to FPL so i just kept grinding. After that Hampus "hampus" Poser asked me to join Gamerlegion and I said yes.

Gamerlegion started as an international team, what made you guys decide to change it up and go with a Swedish roster?

It was some disbutes here and there but the main part is that we wanted to speak Swedish when Dennis "dennis" Edman came in to the team. We felt it was better to just keep it Swedish

If we look at why you decided to leave Gamerlegion, was it just because NiP wanted you or do you think there was something that didn't work in GL?

When we swapped to a Swedish lineup I felt like I didn't really fit in the team. All the players are really good players overall but I feel much better now [in NiP].

Around this summer there were rumors on you joining Fnatic, can you talk a bit about that situation?

I was asked by Fnatic to join the team but the organisation, Gamerlegion, didn't want to let me go

How was it being stuck in an organisation you didn't want to be in once again?

It was really hard, it took a toll on me.

Did you feel like it affected your game. Being forced to be there in such a prominent roll as AWPer whilst having a better offer?

Yeah, it was really tough actually. It was pretty obvious that my performance went down very much.

And now joining NiP, how long have these discussions been going on before actually joining the team?

The discussions haven't been going on for that long. I was asked during the winter break and then in happened.

And now joining NiP, how long have you been dreaming of this opportunity?

Ever since i started playing. I remember in 2014 seeing those NiP lineups with all the legendary players, now it's not the same players but it's still a lot of talented players. It has been really fun practicing these last few days.

If we take a look at some of the old players, you are replacing Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg now and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund left pretty recently. Does it feel weird playing for NiP without any of these bigger names still in the team?

Nah not really. All the players i play with now are players I have looked up to previously so it's not really something I'm thinking about.

Even Plopski?

Haha, yeah i guess

Before we go in to more details on the team i wanna ask about Plopski. How does it feel to play with him again, you are pretty close friends if I'm not mistaken?

Yes, we are really good friends. It's wonderful to play with him again, it feels like we have an unstoppable duo.

Do you have some kind of special dynamic?

I would say that, yes

People have primarily seen you as an AWPer, which has also been the case in Gamerlegion and X6tence Galaxy. Now you are going to have Simon "twist" Eliasson as the AWPer. How did you guys decide on that?

twist is a really good AWPer, so it wasn't something we decided together. I was asked to join as a secondary AWPer and it's working out great right now

How does it feel to let go of the AWP? It has been your role in the majority of your career.

It's actually something i've been wanting to do for a while, at least in Gamerlegion. It feels like I have a more free role now, and that is nice.

Would you say that you are happy about this?

Yeah I would, it's kinda like 50/50. It is nice but you miss it a bit sometimes

Are you rifles as strong as your AWP?

I would say that, yes

You have been bootcamping now in your new offices. How has the practice been going so far?

It has gone a lot better than my expectations actually, it's been going really good

You have Björn "THREAT" Pers as a coach now. Previously you've been working with people like André "BARBARR" Möller. How much does THREAT do and how does i differ from someone like BARBARR?

THREAT has a more advanced way of thinking, he puts in a lot more hours. That is completely new for me so it's fun.

Do you feel like there is more pressure coming in to this more structured way of playing?

No not really.

Your first tournament is this weekend, the group stages of Blast Premiere. What are your expectations for the tournament?

The expectation is to go out of the groups and qualify for the spring finals

NiP:s lates Major performance wasn't that strong so you guys have to go through the entire Minor system. Do you feel like that's a burdon on you? Or are you comfortable enough online?

We feel very comfortable online so that is not going to be a problem

So we will without a doubt see NiP at the Rio Major?

I don't want to promise anything but i will do my absolute best to make sure that happens

If you would try to set a ranking on you guys now after these practice days where would you put you guys?

It's a hard question to answer, it's not really possible to say. But it's going really well at least

It is also hard to say expectations without being too vague but what are your goals in the short and long term?

Our expectation is to win tournaments, it's the same for everyone. It's a pretty basic answer but we want to win.

Do you feel like you have a lot of pressure right now going in to a team like NiP?

It's always a little pressure, but that usually doesn't affect me. It's not something I really think about.

When Plopski came in to the team he looked really calm during LAN tournaments. you also have some LAN experience. How do you feel about going to bigger LANs and big stages?

I'm not really the kind of person that gets nervous because of a crowd. It's not something I really think about when I'm in the game

You are replacing f0rest. Whats your thoughts on that?

It's not really possible to replace such a legendary player. I'm more coming in to the team as a new fifth player and I will just do my absolute best.

How has been working with positions and such? Have you just taken all of f0rest:s old position or have you guys tried to rework that?

We have been trying to rework a bit. Me and twist have been testing were we both feel the most comfortable playing.

When twist was recruited by Fnatic it was to be the main AWPer but eventually Jesper "JW" Wecksell took the role instead. Have there been any discussions on that now? You taking the primary AWP role?

No not at the moment.

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