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Beastie lämnar The Titans

Den danska toppklanen TheTitans förlorade idag en av sina spelare, Beastie. Enligt The Titans själva så har Beastie haft problem med motivationen under en tid, men det verkade som att han skulle komma tillbaka igen. Tyvärr blev det inte så, istället lämnar han laget för att ta tag i sitt riktiga liv och för att han inte passade ihop med en annan medlem i laget, KongKat.
Detta kan man läsa på The Titans hemsida:

Tonight we are sad to annouce that Thomas Wessman, also known as Beastie, has decided to leave us.
Thomas has had some problems motivating himself since the team won the danish Electronic Sports World Cup back in June. Thomas felt he could not acchieve more in eSports, so lack of ambition and private issues made him go inactive.

Late August Thomas informed us that he was again ready to participate as an active member of the team. We decided to play the Danish World Cyber Games qualifier with the current lineup and then start playing with Thomas afterwards, as it takes some time to get back into a team. The plan was for the team to participate in some minor Danish tournaments in order to peak at the Cyber X Games qualifier in Stockholm, Sweden october 25th.

Due to some new trouble in Thomas' personal life, he did not feel he could give the team the time it needed, as well as he does not see himself in the same team as KongKat, as their style of playing differs. We would like to stress that there are no hard feelings the players between, but things has just come an end.
Lagledaren Aknot berättade lite om vad som hänt och framtiden, läs vidare för att se vad han hade att säga.


What does your lineup look like right now?

  • Arjon
  • eGene
  • Eraz
  • KongKat
  • tuff
  • whiMp
Although it's hard to get the same starting five.

tuff is currently serving in the army as a draftee, so it is hard for him to pracc as often as needed, although he usually has every weekend off, so is our 5th players when we attend LANs – cause Arjon is working every saturday, which makes him unable to attend many LANs.

He can pracc every night though, so we basically pracc with Arjon and play with tuff when it comes down to LAN – kinda annoying, but thats the way things are at the moment and have been since ESWC 'cause Beastie went inactive upon returning from France and never really got active again.

Are you going to find another player to replace beastie or are you going to stick with the current six guys?

We talked about it, and Arjon has to work saturdays 'till the end of this year, but tuff is leaving the army on November the 28th.

What's your next event?

It's two months, but at the moment we only got three upcoming tournaments: LANWorld (Octo 14th - 17th) which is a Danish LAN we are attending in order to test ourselves the weekend before attending the Cyber X Qualifier (Octo 24th - 25th) at Nine Studios in Stockholm.

Later we will attend ESX (Nove 12th - 16th) as whiMp is still to young to compete at CPL Copenhagen. After that is still undecieded which event to attend, but we might go for Dreamhack (Nove 27th - 30th) in Jönköping.

Thanks for the answers, anything you'd like to add?

Some people have been wondering if Beasties goodbye was the start of The Titans downfall, but I can assure you that it is not. We still got Beastie around in private and we are still good friends, but we will go on without him. We in the Crew got a lot of plans for the upcomming Fall, so be sure to check out The Titans frequently. ;)
Resten av statementet kan ni läsa på The Titans hemsida.

The Titans hittar ni i #the-titans.

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