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Preview of CPL Dallas

Det börjar dra ihop sig för CPL Dallas. Många lag från flera kontinenter har samlats för att göra upp om $200.000. Ett ganska stort antal europeiska lag kommer till start, däremot är de underlägsna i antal gentemot de amerikanska lagen.
Vi på Fragbite kommer givetvis att ha ett eget ”cover” som täcker hela CPL Dallas. Men innan det är det dags för det erbjuder vi något som vi hoppas kunna bli en tradition här på Fragbite, nämligen en förhandstitt på det evenemang som ni kommer att följa i vårt cover.

Med förhandstitt menar jag en samlad intervju med ett flertal toppklaner. Vi gjorde en förhandstitt inför ESWC i Frankrike för ett tag sen, som blev uppskattad av många. Därför har vi även denna gång gjort en förhandstitt på CPL Dallas. Vi har tagit oss tid åt att intervjua tio personer från tio olika toppklaner som ska besöka Dallas. Personerna i fråga är utsprida över flera kontinenter. Vad säges om en intervju med ett brasilianskt topplag?

Personerna som har blivit intervjuade är:


Dessvärre är intervjuerna skrivna på engelska, därför kan jag bara beklaga de personer som inte har alltför lätt för det engelska språket. Vi har inte haft den tid som krävs för att hinna med att översätta alla intervjuer till svenska. Mycket beror på att det är semestertider och endast ett fåtal av våra skribenter arbetar.

Sidan 1

What will your lineup at CPL Dallas look like?
HLO|Goodfella:Tiny SpawN GoodFella Naikon Knoxville and MegatoN, if he can fix his passport in time ;)
[SoA]StaN:StaN, jerry, torM, MuGGz and KraM. Beside that will CrashJack, Afflictor, Zargoth and Rezen follow us to dallas.
[9]Lucchese:Luciano, Lucchese, vesslan, quick and XeqtR
lvl-Lymf^:VicoN, Sphinxie, B|tch, Nituz, calcer and Toothpick
Forsaken|holden:Stuart "Holden" Holden, David "Funk" Funk, Sam "Spitzer" Spitzer, David "Jones" Jones, Mat "browN" Brown, Chan "chan" Park
MurK-ingolfur:MurK-johann, MurK-ingolfur, MurK-Johannes, MurK-Gunnar and MurK-Kristjan
Rival|Siege:McDermott, exodus, Masternook, Medrano, and exile
TEC|glostik:dabears, icesalmon, jaden, gouki, elude, zeus and malcolm
mibr|pred:pred and some noobs such as bsl, KIKO, Corassa and eduzin.
GG|Incolas:oRgy - SubaRu - -=Sn][peR=- - OliGan - MaYeRs
How have you prepared for the event?
HLO|Goodfella:Knox and Naikon came to Stockholm yesterday, so we have 3 days to prepare the maps before we leave for the CPL qualifier in Spain :) So far we haven't done too much, but we're gonna try to fix it
[SoA]StaN:We are sitting in my basement as a bootcamp and we've been sitting here for a week and we will be sitting here until we leave for dallas.
[9]Lucchese:We have been sitting at both Cafe Nine and Cafe Matrix practising with all 5 players on LAN for like a week or so.
lvl-Lymf^:We are pretty good prepared, we have been bootcamping for 3 weeks here on copenhagen netcafe In-The-Matrix. But it was also nessesary to pracc alot because of the 2 new players we added to our lineup: calcer and toothpick. calcer came from soa and he has experince, but toothpick is new to cs on higher level.
Forsaken|holden:Our members lately have all been pre-occupied with social and family endeavours, but starting Monday we will be attending the LanMadness Bootcamp until the CPL begins.
MurK-ingolfur:We practised for like 3 hours a day for about a month, then we left to New York and we've just been chilling in the hot tub here and praccing little @ w2z.
Rival|Siege:The team has been in the Texas area since July 21 practicing on LAN with such teams as TEC, zEx, and TSG
TEC|glostik:Bootcamp, lots of it.
mibr|pred:I dont think we are very well prepared because its pretty hard to get some teams to practice in Brazil, but I think we'll do good anyways, hope the bootcamp get us in shape again. ;)
GG|Incolas:We've been bootcamping since mid-june for ESWC and now CPL Summer.
What spot are you aiming for?
HLO|Goodfella:Since we're a new team, we're aiming for top5 in Dallas. I'm confident in ourselves.
[SoA]StaN:Top10, we are a new clan so its difficult to be stabile but we are doing everything to come as fare as posible.
[9]Lucchese:We always aim for the #1 spot, but I guess top3 is our goal atleast.
lvl-Lymf^:Difficult to say, but defenately better than gotfrags seeds, they rated us 16th.
Forsaken|holden:Well originally we were looking at a top 15 finish, but as time has progressed and our team has really started to play well with our new addition, chan, I think we can take top 8 at least and not better.
MurK-ingolfur:We have always aimed for Nr.1 and that doesnt change now.
Rival|Siege:The goal is always to place as high as possible, the best from the world will be attending, I think a top 8 placing would be very respectable.
TEC|glostik:Top 5
mibr|pred:1st of course! hehe, top8 i guess! :)
GG|Incolas:Don't know really. As well or better than ESWC (4th) would be nice. Butwe'll see once we're there.
Which map do you consider to be your best as well as your worst?
HLO|Goodfella:We have only practised 3 maps so far, so I really have no idea mate :) personally I like nuke alot
[SoA]StaN:Well we havnt got any best map and worst maps, it depends on how your enemy tacs is against your own :)
[9]Lucchese:Our best map overall i think is dust2, our worst must be de_cpl_fire, havent really played it that much :)
lvl-Lymf^:best map: Train, worst map: fire =)
Forsaken|holden:I would have to say at the moment dust2 is probably our best map.
MurK-ingolfur:Train is probably our best map now, and the worst is mill.
Rival|Siege:It really depends on how we're playing on any given day, I'm glad aztec is out of the rotation though.
TEC|glostik:Train is our best, im not sure as to our worst
mibr|pred:In my opinion our best maps are dust2 and train. I dont know the worst maps though, maybe inferno ;)
GG|Incolas:Our worst map certainly will be de_cpl_mill. Our best I don't know really,if we play smart we can be solid on most maps I believe.
The cpl_fire map will be played in the CPL Dallas. What do you think about that map? Does it fit you?
HLO|Goodfella:I haven't played a minute on that map :) But since it's only gonna be played to decide 5th-8th place, we wont practise it too much because of the lack of time.
[SoA]StaN:Well we havn't pracced it yet, so it won't be our best!
[9]Lucchese:You have no choice but to accept it cause the cpl wants it in the tourney, but me myself thinks it at least looks good :P. I cant say that it fits us, havent been playing it so much.
lvl-Lymf^:Hehe no, the map is impossible to pracc here in europe almost, only teams partissipating dallas praccs it. So thats why its not a good map for euroes in general i think
Forsaken|holden:Well I played it a lot with [WEW] last season when I was part of that team and for the most part it seems a fairly easy map to learn and carry out strats on. I think it will provide the CPL with some interesting results.
MurK-ingolfur:I think its only played for 5-8th spot so it isnt really a importand map, But we have played it a bit in cal so we atleast know it :)
Rival|Siege:We only play those two cpl maps once a week every CAL-i season (2.5months), sure we know the map and we know it's going to be in the CPL rotation so we're practicing for it like any other map.
TEC|glostik:We know the map pretty well, its a good map for us
mibr|pred:Yes I forgot about this one, I hate new maps :P.
GG|Incolas:Not at all. I hope we won't have to play on it.
Are you satisfied with your seed? Do you think that you'll be able to live up to it?
HLO|Goodfella:I haven't seen our seed in Dallas actually, I've been away for a lil while..
[SoA]StaN:we are seeded 5 on gotfrag cuz of our latest events (cannes 4 - clickarena 5), and I know we are alot better on lan then we are if we play on the net. But this time its a new lineup and we have only been playing together for 2 weeks so everything can happen, but yeah I belive we can make a top5-10.
[9]Lucchese:The seedings is not yet official so I cant say anything about that.
lvl-Lymf^:If you are refering to the gotfrag seeds, no. They are not fair imo. But we are not the only team that has been seeded unfair there i think. The reason behind those seeds are purely cpl results, which you can say that is unprofessional if you want to consider the fact that people are thinking of dallas as a "worldchampionship"
Forsaken|holden:We arent completely sure of our final seed at the moment, but because we recently reformed I'm not sure how good it will be. We have won a qualifier though, which will make it a slighty better.
MurK-ingolfur:Well, ofcourse we would like to be closer to the top but we have never played outside of iceland so its understandable :)
Rival|Siege:We don't know our current seeding, it is predicted to be a top 15 seed, we're hoping for a better seed :) but regardless in the end you'll have to face up against the best sooner or later.
TEC|glostik:10th isnt bad, maybe 7th or 8th would have been more expected
mibr|pred:I think its an ok seeding, though I think there are some teams above us there that shouldn't get such seedings :) But its an ok seed in my opinion, I dont want the "must win" pressure!
GG|Incolas:We don't know about our seed yet. We're used to having a high seed (by'high' I mean 'bad') - wether we feel it is justified or not - so any seed will do as long as we don't get to play one of the top favourites in the single elimination.
Which teams do you think are your toughest opponents?
HLO|Goodfella:SK will be strong as always, team9 aswell! Then I think some of the US teams will be strong in Dallas, homegrounds :)
[SoA]StaN:we havn't got any teams to fear but we respect alot of teams, we are travling along with level and i hope that both danish teams will come far so it'll be a shame if we ran in to each other
[9]Lucchese:SK, 3D, zEx
lvl-Lymf^:There are alot of good teams at Cpl Dallas. SK.swe, Team9, zEx, 3D and so forth. Its gonna be about maps and luck also who is gonna win. But we have beaten som of the good teams before, and i think we can do good at Dallas, but how far we are gonna go is specualtion
Forsaken|holden:There are too many too list, but I definetly consider SK, team9, 3D, zEx, and tec formidable opponents
MurK-ingolfur:zEx team9 and 3D, problably sk also if they get themself together :D
Rival|Siege:It's hard to say, last year we were eliminated by two foreign teams (Singapore and Sweden), although one of those was on Aztec. I'd say any team that has the skill and experience and has put forth the dedication and time to practice is definitely a challenger; we don't want to underestimate anyone.
TEC|glostik:Hmm zex,3D,SK,team9
mibr|pred:We cant underestimate any teams, we'll play everything we can to get good results against all teams we play, so any team will be a tough opponent.
GG|Incolas:Too many teams to name them. See we lost early the past weekend in Spain andthen when you look at the American pre-CPL events you can see there have been many surprises too. So we don't know, just gotta play hard and smart against anyone I believe.
What will top 3 at CPL Dallas look like?
HLO|Goodfella:SK mTw team9. That's what I hope atleast :D
[SoA]StaN:SK 3D team9
[9]Lucchese:team9, SK, zEx
lvl-Lymf^:Hmmm, 2 euro clans and 1 US i think. Who and what will be pure spekulation from me, but euro will do good "over there" i think
Forsaken|holden:1. SK 2. team9 3. 3D/zEx
MurK-ingolfur:MurK 3D and team9
Rival|Siege:Well, it's hard to say, a lot of teams could take it. The most favoured are probably Team9, zEx and SK (in the order of placing from the recent ESWC).
TEC|glostik:I think sk,team9,zex. Something of a mix of those 3, but you never know. CS is random.
mibr|pred:Mhh... In my opinion SK, team9 and zEx :).
GG|Incolas:I don't have a clue, really. See my answer above :)
How do you think that the Swedish teams will do?
HLO|Goodfella:I think we'll live up to our names, and if we're lucky we could see 2 swedish teams in the final again :)
[SoA]StaN:Well if you look at my top3 u can see that there are 2 swedish clans out of 3 :P, anyway yeah i think the swedish teams will do gr8 ;P
[9]Lucchese:All the swedish teams will do good! I know it.
lvl-Lymf^:Swedes always do good, i think that atleast 1 swedish team will be in top 2. Swedish teams tend only to get stronger and stronger. Before Sel sweden was top in the world, with about 2 teams, now, its more like 4 or 5
Forsaken|holden:Sweden sends a number of good teams every year, so I wouldnt be suprised if they performed up to their usual standards
MurK-ingolfur:I believe team9 and sk will make it far, just depends on dayform :)
Rival|Siege:They should do well, they dedicate a lot more time than most American teams. They've chosen a more extreme and acceptable European gaming lifestyle.
TEC|glostik:I think they will do pretty well, they are consistent
mibr|pred:I think Sweden is the current CS country, with the best teams in the world and the best players also, so I think swedish teams will get the best positions.
GG|Incolas:Team9 and SK are the old NiP guys split in two teams (vesslan/xeqtr on the one hand, potti/heaton/ahl on the other hand) with amazing new school talent around the veterans. That should help in getting very good results especially since I believe mental toughness and experience will be more important than ever. So I believe the swedish teams will both do good.
Then I'd just like to thank you for your time and wish you good luck at CPL Dallas. Anything you'd like to add?
HLO|Goodfella:Big shoutouts to xet for helping us as much as he did.. Peace man, cya all in Dallas!
[SoA]StaN:I would like to thx our sponsors: www.Icemat.com www.LM-DataService.dk www.Microsoft.com www.moduleweb.net. GL to all the partecipating teams!
[9]Lucchese:Thx and good luck to all teams going!
lvl-Lymf^:Hmm, yes. I want to add the fact that im proud of the boys in level. They have been working really hard on this, and i hope it will be a good tourney in Dallas
Forsaken|holden:Thanks to FragBite and I hope to see everyone at CPL. Also check out our website Multimedia section and other goodies... www.forsakencs.net
MurK-ingolfur:ITS OUR DAY TODAY!
Rival|Siege:Thank you, and a huge thanks to Rivalution Network Centers for making our trips possible, providing hardware, LAN time, and so much more. I'd also like to thank Shuttle Inc. for
TEC|glostik:Thanks, hmm nope.
mibr|pred:Thank you, and bsl is my teddy bear!
GG|Incolas:Thank you !

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