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Preview of ESWC

Now it's only three more days until the ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) event in France. The LAN will be from tuesday to sunday and will have teams like SK, HLO, Team9, zEx and GX. This LAN is almost in class with CPL Dallas, if you look at the skills of the competing teams. Of course Fragbite will cover this happening, but here comes a little preview of the event containing some interviews with some of the competing teams. Enjoy your reading! The victims for the interviews are:
  • mTw.se | Hyper * HLO
  • - ]I[nfernum | uLTi -
  • Frontline ' [EYE]archie
  • zEx | sunman
  • The Titans | eGene
  • zX9.Slick Silver
  • team9 | vesslan
  • SK | bds


What will your lineup at ESWC look like?
mTw|Hyper:SpawN, MegatoN, Hyper, Magix, GoodFella and Tiny.
]I[-uLTi-:gore, pope, uLTi, kju and SaT!
[EYE]archie:Crw will be playing this tournament since I'll be travelling, so the lineup will be crw, vilden, pain, guden and bevah.
zEx|sunman:Our lineup for ESWC is sunman, shaGuar, LeKtriK, boms and Volcano. (Revenge couldn't get a Visa in time, he's from Russia, so he can't attend with us.)
/T/eGene:EraZ, tuff, beastie, Arjon and me.
zX9.Slick Silver:Naikon, Luke, Damien, eon and azaz1n.
team9|vesslan:quick, vesslan, Lucchese, XeqtR and Luciano.
SK|bds:ahl, brunk, ElemenT, fisker, HeatoN, Potti. I'll also be there, though I won't be playing (not very unexpected perhaps).
How have you prepared for the event?
mTw|Hyper:We have pracced some more than usual that's all, nothing special.
]I[-uLTi-:We've got LAN-training since the beginning of this week until tomorrow and we just can hope that we trained enough and our tactics are good enough for getting a good place at the ESWC.
[EYE]archie:We haven't been practicing that hard actually, especially not with crw. But the guys are bootcamping right now at the café, they'll fine tune most of the stuff there to be sure to succeed in France.
zEx|sunman:We bootcamped in Toronto last week to prep for CPL and ESWC, unfortunately Volcano wasn't with us because we had planned on using Revenge.
/T/eGene:We haven't really been able to prepare that much. Arjon and whiMp is at vacation at the moment, coming home 2 days before ESWC and tuff is in the army. That means we are only 3 ESWC gamers, but we have played a little with naGi and a stand in for the last couple of days :)
zX9.Slick Silver:They have been praccing a lot the last days before the event, and hopefully it will be enough for a good placing in the event.
team9|vesslan:We've had a bootcamp over a week at cafe nine.
SK|bds:We were practicing hard for a week after SEL, then we took a break. There'll be a lot of playing for a month with bootcamp, ESWC, bootcamp, Dallas. We are practicing for two days at Are3na now.
How has your latest recruit, SpawN/ElemenT/XeqtR, found his place in the team? Does the teamplay work as it should or does it still feel a little unpractised?
mTw|Hyper:Since SpawN has so much routine, and we all have known him for some time so it hasn't been any problems at all!
team9|vesslan:It works OK, not perfect, no bigger problems. He just have to get used to the team. But we have 2-3 days to work, hope it works:D.
SK|bds:Element adjusted very quickly and has already contributed with quite much, nice play, tactics and the right attitude.
What spot are you aiming for?
mTw|Hyper:Top 5, at least.
]I[-uLTi-:Due to the fact that we're not playing together very long, we don't expect a high ranking, we are just satified by reaching the Playoffs.
[EYE]archie:We'll do our best and hope for the best, we'll see how far we come. Haven't excactly put up any goals.
zEx|sunman:We are aiming on winning, but I won't be happy till we are in the top 4.
/T/eGene:Top 10!
zX9.Slick Silver:Top 5 would've been great, but it's gonna be tough competition!
team9|vesslan:Nr. 1.
SK|bds:We are of course aiming for the first spot.
Which map do you consider to be your best as well as your worst?
mTw|Hyper:We are about the same on every maps, besides it would be stupid to reveal our weakest map. :)
]I[-uLTi-:There is no best and no worst map. ;P
[EYE]archie:If I'm not wrong it's only train, dust2, inferno and nuke that's going to be played during the evnet? We usually play good on those maps, though we've played inferno a bit to little.
zEx|sunman:There is no best for zEx, it all depends on the map and who is playing. Same goes for worst except the last time Volcano started for zEx is when we got 6th at Winter CPL, so hopefully he will do well with us.
/T/eGene:I think our best map is Train and our worst must be Nuke.
zX9.Slick Silver:A tough question since I don't know the new team with Naikon, so I'm not sure.
team9|vesslan:I think Dust2 and Inferno have worked well at the practise. Nuke and Train have been worse but we work on it:).
SK|bds:Since it's the four most played maps I think we are about equal good on all of them.
Only de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke and de_train will be used in the tournament. What do you think about these maps? Do they fit you? What do you think about that only these four are going to be used?
mTw|Hyper:It fits us very good, four good maps that deserves to be played. Perhaps I miss Cbble a little bit, but Aztec is to random to play in a tournament like this, in my opinion.
]I[-uLTi-:All of these maps are very balanced for both sides and I think we'll see many different and nice tactics on these 4 maps. I think these maps will fit everybody and it will be interesting, how good everyone prepared for the ESWC, like not always doing the same tactics on one map so that your opponent always knows what is the next step. I think it was a good decision only giving this 4 maps in the map-pool.
[EYE]archie:It's a rather special way of doing a tournament, to us it's probably good. Though we haven't played much with crw but the other guys are accustomed to the maps so in that way it's only good for us. But I do think that it would've been more fair if they'd used more maps, as practically every other big tournament does.
zEx|sunman:I'd say those four are the four best maps currently for matches. We are good on every one of these as well, the only problem is having to use same strats if you play the same map two or three times at the event.
/T/eGene:I think it's really good. Atleast for us. It's our 4 best maps, so... :)
zX9.Slick Silver:They are all good maps I think, but de_cbble should be there along with those maps.
team9|vesslan:It fits us well with such a "new" lineup, so we have more time preparing on less maps.
SK|bds:Fun, they are without doubt the best maps right now. Aztec, cbble, prodigy and mill aren't that good.
Are you satisfied with your seed? Do you think that you'll be able to live up to it?
mTw|Hyper:We're seeded 10th I think? I can't say we're that happy about that seed, but since it's our first event I suppose you should be satisfied. I'm almost sure we're going to live up to it!
]I[-uLTi-:We expected a better seed, because of reaching the 3rd place on the LA7, but it's ok. :)
zEx|sunman:4th seed isn't bad for any tournament, I don't see how mouz got in 3rd but we aren't complaining :P.
/T/eGene:Well, we haven't showed anything international yet, only some DK lans, so it's fair and okay I guess.
zX9.Slick Silver:It's just as we thought, we don't have many results from big LAN:s etc. with this team, so it was expected.
team9|vesslan:Of course we are happy with our seed nr2, there are a lot of good teams attending. Yes we will live up to it, I hope.
SK|bds:Yes, since we're seeded number one. We'll live up to it!
Which teams do you think are your toughest opponents?
mTw|Hyper:I don't know that much else than that SK is very skilled, but I look forward to meet all foreign clans! I heard that also zEx could be dangerous!
]I[-uLTi-:SK.swe and Team9.
[EYE]archie:Well... I can only speak for my self, I see SK as the toughest opponent, they always put an extra gear in big tournaments.
zEx|sunman:Everyone should be a challenge I hope, if I had to pick a certain team it would be SK because of the obvious. Also we are looking to face GX for a little payback from CAL-i finals, only this time on LAN ;).
/T/eGene:SK.swe, no doubt.
zX9.Slick Silver:SK seem to be quite hot at the moment, but there are several other competitors that are equally good, like team9 and mTw.aTn. Then we have the non-European clans like 3D and zEx, who are also very skilled.
team9|vesslan:SK and zEx will be tight I think.
SK|bds:Incredibly hard to tell, many teams are showing themselves for the first time mixed with some teams with more routine but perhaps less skilled. HLO for example, very skilled, but do they have the routine? Team9, skilled, but with more routine. eu4ia surprised at Clikarena. zEx and Gamers-X, very hard to tell how good the American scene is at the moment. Etc etc... Will be very interesting to see.
What will top 3 at ESWC look like?
mTw|Hyper:SK, zEx and us, no order!
]I[-uLTi-:I think the top 3 will be: SK.swe, Team9, mTw.swe
[EYE]archie:SK/HLO/GAMERS-X IF we can't get in there :).
zEx|sunman:zEx (of course), SK, and possibly a team seeded higher than 6th.
/T/eGene:SK, mTw.HLO and Infernum.
zX9.Slick Silver:I believe SK will place top 3 for sure, but who knows... :)
team9|vesslan:I don't want to rank a top3, but SK, zEx, mTw and eu4ia will be some teams to watch out for.
SK|bds:Look above.
In the rules for the tournament it is said that the teams must accept to play on stage in front of an audience with various lights, cardio-frequency meter and so on. What do you think about this? Could it be something that is disturbing and interfere with the game?
mTw|Hyper:Hehe, I see most like a fun thing. Playing in front of an audience just makes it funnier, a little more nervous though... :)
]I[-uLTi-:Playing on stage in front of an audience with various lights is nothing special, but the idea with the cardio-frequency meter sounds very interesting. I don't think this is disturbing, it just makes the players more nervous as they are anyway, but it won't bother me. ;)
[EYE]archie:Just as long as the audience doesn't ruins something I guess it's ok.
zEx|sunman:The only thing that worries us, is the noise in the room we will be playing, of course the lights (if it's on our eyes or making glare on monitor), cardio monitor looks cool, a neat study to see the stress the players are under on certain situations (yes everyone gets nervous in 1on1s at big lans). Let's just hope everything is run well and no problems occur and the lights from the cameras will be the least of everyones worries.
/T/eGene:I think it's very cool for spectactors, but it will of course make the players more nervous.
zX9.Slick Silver:It could be annoying to some, but I don't think I would've mind. It might be a little more exciting for the audience, who knows.
team9|vesslan:Not at all, only more enternaining for the audience, and that's really good, it's important to satisfy the audience.
SK|bds:I don't think we'll have any problems with that. We've played on a stage before, in fron of a screaming audience, loud music and live commenting. But I think it's right, it has to become more viewer-friendly.
How do you think that the Swedish teams will do?
mTw|Hyper:I think and hope we'll and dominate the whole tournament ;).
]I[-uLTi-:I think they'll do very good, when you look at my top 3 prediction. :P
[EYE]archie:The Swedish teams will perform well, I'm 100 certain on that one.
zEx|sunman:SK will do well with ele, I think team [9] will do worse than the 2 seed says they will, and I'm not sure who/what [EYE] is never heard much about them ;[.
/T/eGene:Swedish top teams always play nice at LAN and got alot of experince with it.
zX9.Slick Silver:They will probably be the strongest nation in ESWC, two or three of the teams from Sweden might even place top 5. They have good chances I believe.
team9|vesslan:I think it will go well.
SK|bds:The routine will definitely!
Then I'd just like to thank you for your time and wish you good luck at ESWC. Anything you'd like to add?
mTw|Hyper:Thanks for the interview and thanks to our sponsores mTw, HLO & Plantronics! See you in France everybody who's going there ;)
]I[-uLTi-:Nope, nothing to add, I just thank you too :).
[EYE]archie:Thank you. (bevah, The Beawerroad..)
zEx|sunman:Thanks to everyone that is helping us get to France smoothly seeing it is our first overseas tournament. Thanks to #m|inc (gamesnet) for their continued sponsorship with travel to every event we can think of :D also #sg-servers for providing pub and private servers for #zEx.
/T/eGene:Thnx and cu in France :).
zX9.Slick Silver:Good luck to zX9 in Poitiers! :)
team9|vesslan:Thanks! Visit us at #team9 !
SK|bds:Thanks to all fans, to all SK Insiders who are owning me on the insider-servers, to our sponsors (Intel, QSC, Shuttle and Komplett). And to you at Fragbite, keep up the professional work you're doing!
2021-07-24 10:54
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