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Yoggi Yalla Cup 2017 - Week Eight - Qualifier #1

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Sign up for the tournament!
You can sign up for multiple qualifiers


At Least three of the players must be from: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland.

To participate in the tournament all players must be registered at PUBLICLIR.SE and use their anti-cheat, EasyAntiCheat.

It is really important that you register and test everything with the EAC before the tournament starts!


How to register as a non-swedish citizen

How do I sign up and check in for the tournament?

1. Create a team and apply with your roster
2. Be on Discord at check-in time (#Fragbite @ Discord.gg)


3. Team captain will check-in through the website (a green button will appear in the menu)
4. Once the bracket is out, find your opponents in the Discord chatroom.

· How to register if you are not from Sweden.
· How to download & use EAC.
· How to rent a server.


24th of May - Qualifier Day 1
17:00 – Check-in begins
17:50 – Registration closes / Check-in ends
18:00 – Bracket will be released
· Round of 256 (BO1)
· Round of 128 (BO1)
· Round of 64 (BO1)
· Round of 32 (BO1)

25th of May - Qualifier Day 2
18:00 – Tournament start
· Round of 16 (BO3)
· Quarterfinals 1-4 (BO3)

(Four teams advance to playoffs day 1)

28th of May - Playoffs Day 1
19:00 Semifinals 1-2 (BO3)

29th of May - Playoffs Day 2
18.00 - Final - Qualifier #1 (BO3) - (Broadcasted)
18.00 - Final - Qualifier #2 (BO3) - (Broadcasted)
21.00 - Final - Winners of Qualifier #1 & #2 (BO3) - (Broadcasted)

· In order to participate you must use EAC from Publiclir.se.
· Remember to make sure that EAC works BEFORE the tournament starts.
· Players with a CS:GO VAC ban from 2016 or 2017 are not allowed to participate.
· Players with cheat bans from previous Fragbite tournaments are not allowed to participate within two years from when the ban was issued.

Roster changes
· A team may only swap two (2) players during the qualifier.
· A player may only play in one team during each qualifier.
· Players who have played in previous qualifiers may participate if they have lost.
· Players who have qualified for the finals may not participate in more qualifiers.

General rules:
· EAC from Publiclir.se. (Games4u as backup)
· One coach per team is allowed using the coach function on the servers.
· Knife to decide starting side.
· Team A is responsible for the server renting on Publiclir.
· Veto to decide map, the team lowest in the bracket (so called team B) starts the Veto process.
· It is okay to ask for WO 15 minutes after the bracket has been generated.
· Overtime - Maxrounds 3 with mp_startmoney 10000
· Pause is only allowed during freezetime.
· Maximum of one 5 minute pause during each map per team.
· Negev and Revolver is banned from using.
· If the server crashes before the 4th round the map is restarted.
· If the server crashes after the 4th round you restart at the current score with mp_startmoney 6000.

· You have to record in-eye. The demo most be recorded from the record function that is in-built within CS:GO, typing record in console. If you do not, you may be disqualified.
· You can ask for demos from 2 players in the enemy team. You need to notify an admin before you request demos from the enemy team.
· You have 5 minutes after the match have ended to contact an admin and request for demos.
· You have 15 minutes after being notified to upload your demo. If your internet connection is slow, notify an admin before the 15 minutes has passed.

BO1 Veto:
Team B removes one of the 7 maps;
Team A removes one of the 6 remaining maps;
Team B removes one of the 5 remaining maps;
Team A removes one of the 4 remaining maps;
Team B removes one of the 3 remaining maps;
Team A picks one of the two remaining maps.

BO3 Veto
Team B removes one of the 7 maps;
Team A removes one of the 6 remaining maps;
Team B pick one of the 5 remaining maps;
Team A pick one of the 4 remaining maps;
Team A ban one of the remaining 3;
Team B ban one of the remaining 2;
The remaining map is played as the third map if needed.

Map pool:
· de_nuke
· de_inferno
· de_cobblestone
· de_train
· de_mirage
· de_cache
· de_overpass


Sign up starts
2017-04-24 15:00
Sign up ends
2017-05-24 17:50


Accepted teams (1)

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