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Fragbite Masters will be back

StarCraft 2

Details regarding Fragbite Masters S4: StarCraft II

We have previously presented the shell of the Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem StarCraft II tournament, but today we present the details regarding the upcoming RTS competition.
In the beginning of the week we presented a fourth season of Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem. There, we gave a brief introduction to the opening StarCraft II tournament, where 16 players will compete for a 100 000 SEK (approximately 12 000 USD) prize pool. Today, we present some additional, vital information regarding the tournament.

100 000 SEK prize purse

As previously mentioned, 100,000 SEK (approximately 12,000 USD) will be up for grabs in this fourth edition of Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem. Of this pool, 50 percent will go to the champion, while half the amount goes to the runner-up. The rest of the money goes to the players finishing third and fourth.

1.50,000 SEK(approximately 6,000 USD)
2.25,000 SEK(approximately 3,000 USD)
3.15,000 SEK(approximately 1,800 USD)
4.10,000 SEK(approximately 1,200 USD)

16 players — 8 invitees, 8 from qualifier

Just like the previous season, we've decided to go with a 16 player long participant's list. Unlike last year, though, half of the participants will qualify and half will be invited, unlike last year where only four slots were available through qualifiers. The tournament will have a total of two qualifiers where the four best players from each qualifier earns a spot in the main tournament group stage.

The qualifying stage will be held in the upcoming week, on Wednesday and Thursday, while the main tournament kicks off on Sunday. Please note that there are no geographical restrictions in the qualifiers, but as we are a European based tournament, EU servers are prioritised.

Qualifier #1

Date:4th of March
Time:18:00 CET (Wednesday)
Format:Bo3 Single Elimination, Top 4 qualify
Sign up:Here!

Qualifier #2

Date:5th of March
Time:18:00 CET (Thursday)
Format:Bo3 Single Elimination, Top 4 qualify
Sign up:Here!

Everything to be played online

As opposed to last season, the fourth edition of Fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem StarCraft II tournament will be played completely online. The format stays the same, though, where group stages will kick off the main tournament, followed by a double elimination bracket that determines the four players who play the final weekend two weeks later.

Qualifying Stage
March 4thQualifier #1
March 5thQualifier #2
Group Stage
March 8thGroup A
March 9thGroup B
March 10thGroup C
March 11thGroup D
March 16-18Playoffs part 1
March 23-25Playoffs part 2
April 11-12Finals weekend (top 4)

Livestream for everything

A total of 14 days will be devoted to the The StarCraft II tournament, and all of these will be broadcasted with the same production crew as all our previous seasons. This means even the qualifiers will be streamed, all from the Fragbite Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The channel will, like last season, be FBMSC2 (Twitch).

Continued support from our beloved sponsors

Like we previously underlined, this tournament wouldn't be possible to organize without the support of our lovely partners. For the fourth season in a row, our beloved title sponsor Com Hem as well as McDonald's will be a part of Fragbite Masters to help us out with the StarCraft II tournament. We also want to extend our gratitude to Blizzard Entertainment, with whom we cooperate to make this tournament happen.

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