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Philips OneBlade Cup

Dramatic final round as AJxCR7 takes home the crown — OneBlade Cup

Philips OneBlade Cup Nordic Finals ended yesterday the 30th of June with several fantastic and exciting games! AJxCR7 was throughout the tournament one of the best and most consistent players and deservedly took home the title as Philips OneBlade Cup 2020 Champion.
There was no lack of drama in the Nordic Finals of the Philips OneBlade Cup. Most of the first seeded players of each country managed to qualify themselves to the top 4 of the grand finale, but one big surprise was seen early in the evening as JaKurrii managed to defeat one of the preliminary favorites kossu72 in the Finnish quarter-final phase.

In addition to JaKurrii, Oliver_Hoegh, ThomasHenningsen#1434 and AJxCR7 managed to qualify themselves to the top 4 stage of the tournament.

The first semi-final between JaKurrii and Oliver_Hoegh was truly a thriller! After a slow start, Oliver_Hoegh comfortably won the first leg of the matchup 3-1 and it was looking very likely that he would go on to the final leg of the tournament. However, JaKurrii never gave up and what a show he put up in the second leg. JaKurrii started the second leg very aggressively and managed to score 4 goals in the first half, without conceding a goal. In just 45min of FIFA, JaKurrii had turned the matchup upside down and now looked strongly as the favorite to go through to the final matchup of the Philips OneBlade Cup. Respect for Oliver_Hoegh who did not give up and kept fighting. In the end it seemed that JaKurrii found a winning formula and comfortably defeated Oliver_Hoegh 7-5 on aggregate and moved on to the grand finale.

In the second semi-final ThomasHenningsen#1434 met AJxCR7. From the get-go AJxCR7 was the better player of the semi-finalist, but ThomasHenningsen#1434’s great defensive football kept him close in the first leg as AJxCR7 defeated him 1-0. After a beautiful header by Eusebio in the early stages of the second leg, it looked more and more likely that AJxCR7 would move on to the grand finale of the Cup. AJxCR7 kept playing very well and in the end defeated ThomasHenningsen#1434 4-0 on aggregate. There we have it! JaKurrii will meet AJxCR7 in the grand finale and Oliver_Hoegh will play ThomasHenningsen#1434 for the bronze medal and the larger prize money.

In the bronze matchup, the first leg ended in a 2-2 draw which left a lot of excitement for the second leg. In the end Oliver_Hoegh was the stronger player and took home the bronze by defeating ThomasHenningsen#1434 4-2 on aggregate. Very well played by both players and a deserved 3rd and 4th place result for these young players.

And then there were two players left, JaKurrii and AJxCR7. Who would be the better player and take home the title and the prize money that comes with it? AJxCR7 had arguably been the best and the most consistent player throughout the tournament and he kept his consistency even in the grand finale. AJxCR7 started off the first leg strongly by leading 2-0 at the half-time and continued performing well even in the second half by finishing the first leg with a 3-0 goal. After the first leg, JaKurrii’s only hope was to start off the second leg with a JaKurrii “trademarked” comeback. JaKurrii truly gave everything he had in the second-leg and managed to get a 2-2 draw from the second leg, but unfortunately for him, that was not enough, which meant that we had a Philips OneBlade Cup champion! Huge congrats to AJxCR7 who without doubt was the deserved champion and took home the title of Philips One Blade Cup Nordic Champion as well as the 12 000SEK that was awarded to the winner of the tournament.

1st place: AJxCR7
2nd place: JaKurrii
3rd place: Oliver_Hoegh

Picture / Foto: William Fernström @feerna_17 / Twitter

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