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Philips OneBlade Cup

Who will be crowned as the champion? — Philips OneBlade Cup

It’s finally here! The final stage of the Philips OneBlade Cup kicks off tonight at 18.00 CEST. Who will take home the title of Philips OneBlade Cup champion and the lion share of 25 000 SEK prize money? Read our tournament preview to get some insights on tonight's matches.
After several excellent and exciting rounds of FIFA football, we are finally ready for the final stage of the Philips OneBlade Cup. The top 4 players from four different Nordic countries have played well and deservedly qualified themselves to the final stage of the tournament where the champion will be crowned winner of the Philips OneBlade Cup as well as take home the the lion share of the 25 000 SEK prize money.

We saw some very exciting matchups in the earlier stages of the Cup and therefore we’re going to take a look at some of the preliminary favorites for the final showdown of this summer’s Philips OneBlade Cup.

Firstly we have the top 4 Finnish players. Kossu72, Masatial_, jtasku and JaKurrii were the four players who successfully qualified themselves to the final stage from the Finnish regional tournament. From the Finnish bracket we want to highlight kossu72, who can be seen as one of the biggest preliminary favorites to win the whole tournament and the prize money that comes with it. Kossu72 is a world class FIFA player who successfully managed to win the Finnish regional tournament and therefore has the number one seed from the Finnish bracket.

If kossu72 is the preliminary favorite from the Finnish bracket, the same can be said of Oliver_H from the Dannish bracket. Oliver_H played very well during the Dannish regional tournament and even if he's not as well known as some of the other players of the final stage, Oliver_H should not be counted out as a top 3 candidate. The other three players who managed to qualify themselves to the final of the Dannish tournament are PamaFifa, bramming7 and Danni.

The Norwegian regional tournament had an exciting twist in the final matches as underdog ThomasHenningsen#1434 managed to defeat Norway’s number one player NVD Hyper in the final and therefore won Norway’s number one seed for the final stage of the Cup. Will ThomasHenningsen#1434 continue his superior run, will NVD Hyper and his experience take him all the way or can vinoth1703 and Netsix surprise the rest and take the title?

Lastly we have Sweden left where AJxCR7 was very successful in easily defeating his opponents in the earlier stages of the tournament. AJxCR7 has been very convincing during the whole tournament and it would not be surprising to see him in the grand final of the Philips OneBlade Cup. However, the Swedish regional tournament consisted of several experienced and professional FIFA players and therefore it will be interesting to see what OskarW, HortyGoose and Oliboli7 can offer in tonight’s matchups.

You do not want to miss the final stages of the Philips OneBlade Cup, so do remember to turn on Twitch where the best bits of the tournament final will be broadcasted and commentated, starting at 18.00 CEST. Twitch

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