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Philips OneBlade Cup

Nerve-racking final round ahead - OneBlade Cup

The highly anticipated Swedish regional Philips OneBlade Cup playoff round kicked off the 23rd of June with several exciting games. Some big names missed out the final stages of the cup, but nevertheless the evening was full of high-quality FIFA.
The playoff stage for the Philips OneBlade Cup Swedish regional tournament kicked off yesterday evening with several very interesting matchup’s and plenty of goals. Unfortunately not all qualified players were able to participate in the playoff round and therefore two anticipated preliminary favorites NIP Ollelito and Sirius-Afro were out of the tournament already before the first kick-off.

The absence of a few top players did not ruin the night, as we were blessed with several exciting and high-classed matchups. AJxCR7, OliBoli7 and HortyGoose were all name-dropped yesterday in our tournament preview as potential top 4 players and they did not disappoint, as they qualified themselves to tonight’s semi-final rounds. The fourth and final semi-finalist was decided in an exciting quarter-final matchup between OpTolle and OskarWetteus. The first leg ended in a 1-1 draw and left a lot of excitement for the second leg. The second leg was equally as even as the first one and ended in a tight 1-2 win for OskarWetteus who therefore qualified himself to the semi-final stage of the Philips OneBlade Cup Swedish regional tournament.

The four semi-finalists will play for the number one seed and the title of Philips OneBlade Cup Swedish regional champion today evening, starting at 18.00 CEST.


Wednesday, 24 June
SverigeAJxCR7 vs. SverigeHortyGoose
SverigeOskarWetteus vs. SverigeOliBoli7

All final games will be broadcasted on Twitch

Who will go home with the crown?

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