Busy days!

Hey guys! How's life?

I'm all gooooood! Anyhow..

We came home from Copenhagen Games like 2 days ago and we are already leaving Sweden tomorrow for Kiev as the starladder finals are starting on Thursday! So gonna be some busy days a head of us! I'm really looking forward to see Arena again, as I've been there many times for playing 1.6, but this time it'll be something new as we are playing CS:GO now!

So I hope the computers will handle it, as well the monitors! I'm however not liking the idea of playing ONE game per day, even tho it's bo3 WB-LB system with bo5 in the finals (if needed) so it's going to be some day(s) with much down time as we arn't been playing some at all :*( But I hope the time will fly away anyway!

Will we stand as winners this time? We'll see!

After the visit in Ukraine, we're heading to Cologne in Germany for some EMS RaidCall CS:GO playoffs! It will be so much fun to see how the new ESL Studio will look like, as it's been looking amazing on the streams! But it's another thing, seen it in real life! And straight after that tournament, we're going to US for the ESEA Global League which will be a clash between US teams and Europeans one! Gonna be fun to see more of the US teams, and see how well they play as we got more tournaments in Europe then them!

So going to be some busy days a head of us! So hopefuly we arn't that stressed out by it, as we got another tournament in begging of May in France! But that is something I will talk about in some other blog as I'm pretty bad in writting and hopefully some people will not be that bored of my skills or even if u can call it like that :p

So cya later pepzzz!

Jonas Ody - What We Never Had


Some people may know him as "calc" from playing Counter-Strike in like.. 2004 or something like that, when SK-Gaming had two CS teams (one from Sweden and one from Denmark) and he was playing for the danish team when they came second on ESWC04

Calc is the guy to the right in the back

Anyhow, he's been doing some cool music this days and just released his first music video(I think so at least!) and if you're a bit bored and want to see what a old school player does this days and how good he is in singing, you need to watch this!

Kinda slow and easy song, but I like it!



** Oj då, glömde och skriva något! Ber om ursäkt **

Hejsan folket, läget?

Satt o spelade lite DM, kändes att det behövde lite nu när turneringar börjar närma sig (t.ex. TECHLABS nästa helg och Copenhagen Games veckan efter) så man måste lägga ner lite extra tid så man känner sig bättre / nöjd med sig själv när man väl börjar spela dom seriösare matcherna!

Nåväl, så kom det någon in och sa "CHRILLE!!" så började jag blir lite sne.. Som jag har inte sagt här på bloggen, att prata om mig personligen. Men vissa, vet om att jag verkligen ogillar att bli kallad chrille! Det känns så.. jag vet inte, det känns inte bara helt enkelt rätt!

Antar att folk kommer ihåg den här reklamen! Rolig är den, men funkar inte för mig! :@

Så som jag skrev för någon blogg sen, så ska jag försöka prata mer om mig än bara själva spelandet (även fast det kommer nog bli mer det, tyvärr) så kunde jag berätta om en liten sak som jag, ogillar! Det smeknamnet.. brrr, ryser lite av det hela haha..

Fråga till er, är det något smeknamn som stör er?

Så jag hoppas folk börja använda mitt smeknamn som alla andra säger. Totte! :)

Ses snart,


Inferno Online + Website

So second blog in two days, must be a record or something... haha!

Anyhow, we are for the moment at Inferno Online in Stockholm bootcamping a bit. As they have fixed a "practise" room for us which we are very glad to get!

We can go here at anytime and just play with the team or other business! Still under construction, so more things will come in!

Another big thing, that happened just.. We just launched our "team site" so we can update our fans abit more closely, except just doing everything on facebook, as we've been doing it alot recently/when we started the team again! So for you guys, you'll get chance to get more personal with us, the players, demos and other things that we will come up with! Anyhow, for you who haven't yet find the adress for our site, it's down below!


What's going on really?!


Been to long time since I wrote a blog here, so I guess I need to start my little engine of mine and write something!


Things has been slowly be turning to better (I'm talking about the operation I had in December) I'm right now hearing a bit better then before, but still need to be careful about my ear as I cannot still take a bath normal nor a regular shower :( But according to the Doctor I'm seeing after the operation everything should be much better end of this month (March) So I'm really looking forward to see if it's true or not! As I'm not in the mood to wake up with different hearing level on my left ear!

As for NiP

We've been playing the EMS Winter Season, which was from beginning of December last year till end of February or something like that and we came out as winner of the season after playing against Imaginary in the finals and won 2-0 maps!

After that, we've got invite to play the new CS:GO league that ESL released. EMS RaidCall league which has around 156k dollars in it! The league it self has 4 seasons, so we will see alot of this awesome tournaments ESL has been planing for us this year! However, we need to still qualify for the group stage and the qualifiers are right now and I think we are safe to say we will play the group stage which starts soon! (We will play the last Qualifier that will be tomorrow)

made this in one of the qualifier(s) they had for EMS!

New header for my facebook page, what you think?

Other then that, we attended our first tournament this year over at Vienna (Mad Catz Invitational) and we came out as winners of the event, but this time we played against another team in the finals, as people were excepting us playing against VeryGames. But, this time they got stop by the new Danish team (former Anexis))
unu.AiN which played amazing during the whole tournament if you ask me!

I'm still glad that we hold our grounds and played well over there, as I feel that teams are catching up (I don't like it!!) and getting better and better for each day. But! We will not give that away easily as we train really hard still and haven't lost the motivation!

fragmovie from the tournament in Vienna!

Anyhow.... We are going into a busy month soon, as we will attend TECHLABS next week in Russia (if we get our Visas and don't get any problems with it!) Directly after that, Copenhagen Games and after that StarLadder finals (if we qualify), NL Lan, ESEA Finals and hopeful EMS Finals! So a busy month will come soon and I'm really looking forward to it! Felt like it was ages ago we were attending a tournament, even tho it was like.. 3 weeks ago? haha..

I will try to sum this up, as I think I've been for most part just talking about nothing at all and less about personal things.. So I will try to give you another blog post soon with more things in my life and such! So.. Till next time!


V-blog: ESWC,DH + extra

Av Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund 9 November 2012, 11:49 · 16 kommentarer
Here is my little video blog about ESWC, DH and why can't attend StarLadder!

Notice; bad quality on the video and can't do anything about it... Will fix it for next time!

** Update - ! I've also said the date wrong. It's on the 17th of December which means that I still can attend NorthCon!

Missing my best friend

Av Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund 18 October 2012, 22:14 · 31 kommentarer
I'm thinking about 2008, the year before things turned around in my eSport life. I would get a chance to join fnatic.. But that's another story.

In 2008, the year had slowly started good and turned out pretty bad in the end as I had been in school and had problems there with my studies and other things. My dog, Armani, was forced to remove one of his eyes, because he had water in it.. That means that it affected his sight on one of them and it also affected his head, as he pretty much had constant pain in it. So, we had to force him to doctors and they tried to remove the water, and it did get a bit better, but after awhile it came back and we had to come back to remove the whole eye...

I remember that day, it was pretty painful to see my friend in such pain. He couldn't really understand that he couldn't see on his right eye anymore. He felt little lost and I was sad that I couldn't see him happy as he had always been. It took some weeks, maybe months until he was that happy again. That happened around winter if, I'm not mistaken. I hadn't seen him this happy in a long time, as he was jumping around in the snow and trying to "catch" the snowflakes and looked like he had a smile on his face.

Months later, my family saw that he had problems on the other eye. The one that was working. We took him to the veterinary and they told us that he'd probably get the pain back if we didn't remove the eye.. I remember that my bigger brother and mother were really sad to hear the news.. We pretty much understood that we had to put him to sleep to... remove him from the pain, remove him for the suffer that he had, which pretty much means.. removing him from this earth, to a place much better for him. Going to "dog heaven" or whatever you guys want to call it.

I personally think that he went to a place which was better than here with us.. Even if I want him still here, in life and enjoy the good times and such. I think it was the best choice in that moment.. I'm not sure if he wanted to live without sight at all and having problems with walking around, running etc..

I was thinking about those days in 2008, when Armani fell in sleep. Gets me sad about the whole thing, as he was one of my best friend and it comes days when I think about Armani and he reminds me about being happy, instead of thinking about that sad day. As he was one of the happiest dogs I've ever met.

Thanks for everything, Armani <3

Long time ago, I'm not sure what age I was.. Pretty young tho!

Here is one of those few pictures of him without one of the eyes, still happy and looking for something!

Short Statement of Leaving SK


I know I would have wrote this before and I know how shitty Iam on updates.. But here is the statement I wrote before, remember that I just wrote this before and that. Aswell, SK-Gaming was supposedly to release this with their announcement with shuting down the CS division.. I'm not sure why they didn't add this with them..

"As one road ends, another opens..

I guess that's the first words that comes up in my mind about leaving
SK-Gaming after 1,5 years in the organization.

Remember back in 2010, when we were supposedly leaving fnatic to make
some sort of "Super team". I couldn't really imagine that Alex would
understand the situation and our past history when I had a spell in SK 2008, beginning of the
year didn't play out as we wanted as we played a poor event in Kiev.
After that problems came up and the rocky road was a head of us. Many roster changes later and when the
summer season came closer and closer, things turned another and we
started the race to be the team of the year, even tho you can try to
talk about who was really the team of the year (polish guys, if u ask

When I think back on my time in SK, it was a time to grow as person,
as a player and even challenge myself in areas that I haven't been
used to. I could easily been talking more about things that people
have heard about it or seen.
But that I leave to the teammates I had, the organization and those
players we played through the years. One thing I can promise, this
isn't the end for me as a Player, as I'm attending a local LAN in
Manchester this weekend with some friends
and hope you can look at the HLTVs and enjoy some cool action, as I
don't want to end up as a disappointment for people who've been
following me through the years.

Thanks for supporting us, to my former teammates and people behind everything (Min-Sik, Alexander and Budak)

Signing out,

Making of a CS Movie


I haven't wrote anything in a while, nothing really new.. But those things that have happeened and things to come will come in another blog, not in this one!


I'm personally looking for a movie maker that have time for making video for me, does the drive for it and of course want to earn a little sum of money of it!

I'm not sure how I want things to be done and so, but I would like to get in touch with someone first that is "of course" good enough for it..
So if You think you have what it takes, please send me a message here on fragbite or via my fanpage on facebook

And please mark it (if you can) with "Moviemaker"

Hope you are enjoying the summer and also I will be sorting the message out TONIGHT and probably be replaying then!

** Update **
I will instead of what I wrote before, answering people on Sunday as I'm off tomorrow/Saturday!

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